Easy Halloween Costumes That You Can Create Last-Minute

Buffalo Exchange Easy Halloween Costumes

By Savy, Buffalo Exchange HQ

I don’t know about you, but even though Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I am almost never prepared! Every year, I have to throw together something at the last minute. So this year, I decided to test my skills to see how many easy Halloween costumes I could come up with. You can throw these costumes together with items already have in your closet or with a quick shopping trip to Buffalo Exchange!

Buffalo Exchange Easy Halloween Costumes Wacky Tourist Hawaiian Shirt Visor Birkenstocks

Wacky Tourist

If you’ve ever been to Disney or a crowded boardwalk on the beach, you might be familiar with this get-up. You can pull together a Wacky Tourist Halloween costume in minutes. All you need is a brightly colored Hawaiian shirt, sandals and some sun protection (sunglasses and a visor/hat). Add a glob of sunscreen on your nose to top it all off! If you live in a colder locale, just swap the shorts for pants and add socks with your sandals. Major bonus: I will totally wear most of these items again next summer (albeit maybe not all at once).

Buffalo Exchange Easy Halloween Costumes Sandy Grease

Still Looking For an Easy Halloween Costumes? You Better Shape Up!

Who doesn’t love Grease? And how about Sandy’s totally rockin’ greaser look? You can quickly throw together this costume with clothing from your own closet or stock up at Buffalo Exchange. Classic items like these work all year round, so if you’re trying to avoid spending money on a costume you’ll only wear once, this is the way to go!

Buffalo Exchange Easy Halloween Costumes Western Wear Cowgirl Cowboy Boots Gingham

This Ain’t My First Rodeo!

Western wear and Western-inspired looks were everywhere at NYFW this year and we’re here for it! If you’re loving the Western trend, too, then this is one of the best easy Halloween costumes you can put together. Throw on your dancing boots, a cowboy hat and a gingham shirt and you’re ready for the square dance!

Buffalo Exchange Easy Halloween Costumes Southside Serpents Riverdale Buffalo Exchange Easy Halloween Costumes Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Streaming and Screaming

My two favorite TV shows right now are Riverdale and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, so I decided to bring some characters to life with two super easy Halloween costumes. First, I did a Southside Serpent, of Riverdale fame. For this costume, all you need is a leather jacket and predominantly dark clothing. If you’re feeling extra crafty, create a Southside Serpents patch out of felt or paper and pin in it to the back of your costume.

For my second TV-inspired costume, I did Kimmy Schmidt herself! I love this character so much and all of the bright colors she wears. Just throw on some hot pink pants, a yellow sweater, a backpack and your biggest smile!

Halloween is right around the corner, but no need to be scared: these are just a few of the easy Halloween costumes you can rock this year. For help putting together a spooktacular look at the last minute, stop by your local Buffalo Exchange. Our costume stylists can help you find everything you need to rock your next Halloween party.