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Easter, Coachella, and Airstreams

By Rebecca Block, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

While loading up our own Airstream trailer last night for my daughter’s trip to Coachella with one of her besties (and my husband as chaperone and driver), I realized that next year we need the Buffalo Exchange Airstream to be heading out to that funhouse!

Buffalo ExchangeSo, here’s a shameless request: If anyone out there has an ‘in’ with the Coachella committee, or is already a vendor, please nominate us to be a vendor – we promise to bring the Buffalo Airstream Boutique filled with wonderful goodies to suit all Coachella goers, and we promise to do so with lots of smiles and love!

easter basketAs a result of Easter happening over Coachella weekend, the Easter Bunny paid us an early visit this week. The baskets have been carefully placed into the trailer, and are on their way to Coachella. However, I encouraged a few Peeps to stay home with me…

Peeps…Peeps are absolutely one of my all-time favorite junk food items. Hands-down. Seriously, who doesn’t love that fine dusting of sugar that you encounter with every bite into that little bird-shaped fluff of marshmallow? I’m also fond of the bunny shaped Peeps. They have more sugar per square inch of marshmallow in case you need more. The best part about Peeps? They are good straight out of the box, and they are excellent about 24 hours later, once they’ve hit the air and gotten chewy.

Buffalo ExchangeBut I digress…what about the girls going to Coachella? What are they wearing? As far as I can tell from the convos I’ve been overhearing, its shorts, more shorts, cropped tee shirts, scarves, kimono tops, cross body purses, Tevas, hats, and sunscreen (parent demand). They have discovered the roll-up water bottles, which they plan on stuffing in their purses when done with their water. I seriously had to tell them they couldn’t wear their wristbands to school today!

We plan on sharing fashion photos upon their return, so please stay tuned, and don’t forget to tell the Coachella committee that we are needed at Coachella with our most beautiful Buffalo Exchange Airstream boutique!


Rebecca loves her Rat Terriers (all four of them), has a large shoe and purse collection, and tries very hard to clean out her closet when new things are added.