East Village Spring Transition

Buffalo Exchange East Village

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While in the thick of winter, we love to look ahead to the styles of (slightly) warmer days… We are already noticing runway-inspired spring trends popping up in outfits all over the city. Despite “spring” bringing to mind pastels and florals, we’ve seen designers put the emphasis on strong black-and-white looks. While there were a few floral prints, they seem more Asian-inspired cherry blossom than ditzy 90’s inspired florals of seasons passed.  Pieces with daring cutouts, peekaboo sheers, and up-to-there slits were all over the runway and the streets of East Village!  Polka dots have permeated, but sassy stripes are striking back.  We’re seeing plenty of big, bold stripes right now, from nautical-inspired to more op-art looks.  There’s always our old friend leather lurking around, with her little step-sister Leatherette- whether it’s the real deal or faux-fun, colored leather pieces, leather accents, and minimalist silhouettes in leather are always found on our streets.  Last but not least, we’re loving the resurgence of sporty! Y3, Stella Adidas, Jeremy Scott, Isabel Marant.. Whatever! Does it look like you could run off of Madison Avenue and onto the tennis courts? We’re sold!  That’s it, straight from the East Village, ya’ll!

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