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Earth Day: The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

Ray Eubanks
Ray Eubanks

This year our annual Earth Day $1 Sale will benefit The Fund for Animals. The fund operates four centers comprising the nation’s largest and most diverse network. These centers provide veterinary treatment for thousands of animals year-round, while training volunteers and supporting their local communities.

A The 13-acre oasis in Ramona, California, The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center provides year-round medical and rehabilitation services to orphaned and injured animals. These orphaned and injured animals are treated and released back into the wild. Additionally, this center is home to 40 full-time residents rescued from the exotic pet trade.

The center specializes in hawks, owls, eagles, skunks, coyotes, bobcats, and mountain lions. A 150-foot, free-flight enclosure enables birds of prey—from Cooper’s hawks to Golden eagles—to exercise their malnourished muscles after recovering from illness or injury. Once rehabilitated, the birds are released back into their native habitat.

Donate to The Fund for Animals by shopping our $1 Sale on Saturday, April 18. For more details visit