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Earth Day: The Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

This year our annual Earth Day $1 Sale will benefit The Fund for Animals. The fund operates four centers comprising the nation’s largest and most diverse network. These centers provide veterinary treatment for thousands of animals year-round, while training volunteers and supporting their local communities.

Founded in 1979 by Cleveland Amory, author and animal advocate, The Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, is a world-renowned animal sanctuary in Murchison, Texas. The care center is nearly 1,300 acres and home to more than 1,200 domestic and exotic animals, from bison and cattle, horses and burros, antelope and apes, camels and llamas. Many of these animals were rescued from near-death situations, circuses, the exotic pet trade, and public lands.


The ranch is not a zoo and is not open for regular public visitation. Amory’s vision was that it “would be a place where animals are looked after, not looked at.” In 2004, the board of directors of The Fund for Animals voted unanimously to rename its flagship animal sanctuary the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch to memorialize its late, great founder.

Donate to The Fund for Animals by shopping our $1 Sale on Saturday, April 18. For more details visit