DIY Unique Costumes

Buffalo Exchange Ventura DIY Unique Costumes

By Buffalo Exchange Ventura

Want to stand out from the Halloween crowd without breaking the bank? Buffalo Exchange Ventura has you covered with these DIY costume tips.

For this do-it-yourself Peter Pan, Morgan gathered everything forest green from his closet, pulled out those black dress shoes he only wears to weddings and found a green fedora at Buffalo Exchange. BAM, Peter Pan for $20 or less.

Buffalo Exchange DIY Unique Costumes Peter Pan

This 70s hippie costume should be a cinch for anybody who loves Free People, fringe and all things bohemian.  Jen pulled a long skirt, fringe sweater and wide-brim hat out of her own closet and then piled on a belly dancing hip scarf and lots of jewelry for the full effect.  We do suggest trying this one at home.

Buffalo Exchange DIY Unique Costumes 70s Hippie

For all the fashion-obsessed out there, this Anna Wintour costume is a must. Alondra found this faux fur coat in her grandma’s closet and paired it with a fancy dress, a statement necklace and, most importantly, circle sunnies. This is a great way to celebrate your family heirlooms and fashion history all at once!

Buffalo Exchange DIY Unique Costumes Anna Wintour

We scored three vintage Storm Trooper masks from one of our sellers and just had to put them to the test. Lindsay made this storm trooper costume a reality out of one of these masks and pieces from her own closet. Simply wear all white and throw on a black vest or jacket! All you need to purchase here is a mask.

Buffalo Exchange DIY Unique Costumes Storm Trooper

Last, but certainly not least, we have a DIY Daria. Can you even, though? Chloe found all these items in her closet, her BFF’s closet and Buffalo Exchange!

Buffalo Exchange DIY Unique Costumes Daria