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DIY Ugly Holiday Sweater!

Buffalo Exchange Blog (1)So you’ve procrastinated on finding your ugly holiday sweater and you’ve been invited to a few ugly holiday sweater parties… What are you to do? Well for around $10 you can make your own!!

Buffalo Exchange Blog (2)

Here’s what you need.

  • A plain sweater or sweatshirt
  • Holiday Cookies
  • Candy Canes
  • Garland
  • A Glue Gun

Buffalo Exchange Blog (3)Then it’s time to get to work. First take the time to layout and design your master piece.

Buffalo Exchange Blog (4)Then gently guide the garland around to compliment the flare of the cookies. Remember you can never have too much tinsel!

Buffalo Exchange Blog (5)Remember to be precise. Ugly is not easy to accomplish, so you must work hard at the perfect turns and angles of each cookies.

Buffalo Exchange Blog (7)Now start on one side and gentle use that hot glue to secure your flare!

Buffalo Exchange Blog (9)Hazard reminder! These cookies become non-edible at this point (Even though you’ll be super tempted! DON’T!)!

Buffalo Exchange Blog (10)ALL DONE! Your beautifully ugly holiday sweater is ready to go. Gently slide the master piece over your head and wear accordingly. Your cookies will probably sky drive off the sweater throughout the night, but think of them as a token of appreciation to your host.

 Buffalo Exchange Blog (11)HAPPY HOLIDAYS sweater friends.

Stephanie & Ashley