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DIY: The Scarf Vest

By Chris Vecchio, Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Hillcrest)

Scarf VestTired of your scarf collection? Tired of just draping your scarves over your shoulders or bunching them around your neck? The scarf vest is an interesting way to reinvent your scarves into something more than just a last minute accessory.

Scarf VestStep 1 – Find any square or wide rectangular scarf. A thin scarf or infinity scarf will not work for this method.

Scarf VestStep 2 – Take the two longest ends of the scarf (if the scarf is not a square) and fold the scarf in half horizontally.

Scarf VestStep 3 – Take each end of the scarf and tie them into a secure knot.

Scarf VestStep 4 – Pull the scarf from each end of the knot and let drape to find the holes or “sleeves.”

Scarf VestStep 5 – Put your arms through the holes just like a regular vest!

Scarf VestAnd just like that you have a flowy, yet fitted, light weight vest that creates a great silhouette without spending an extra dime!