DIY Halloween: Pop Culture on a Budget!

Buffalo Exchange SF Mission Halloween feature image

By Sara Knight, Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Mission)

Let’s face it, some of the best Halloween costumes are the ones inspired by pop culture. There’s nothing better than having someone point and yell the name of the character you’ve dressed up as. However, the task of doing it right can be daunting, not to mention expensive. Fear not! That’s what those of us at Buffalo Exchange are here for, to provide you with all the right pieces to make a costume made for the silver screen. Need some ideas? Well, we’ve got you covered! Here are six Halloween Costumes that won’t break the bank!

Buffalo Exchange SF Mission BoJack Horseman costume

1. BoJack Horseman (Don’t act like you don’t know!)
What You’ll Need:
-1 horse mask for $30.50 at your local Buffalo Exchange
-1 blue Sweater
-1 blazer
With these three items you’ll be horse-in around in no time! Plus, if you take the mask off half way through your night, you could always just be Danny Taylor from Full House.

Buffalo Exchange SF Mission Parks and Rec costume

2. Burt Macklin (FBI)
What You’ll Need:
-1 light yellow or white button-up shirt
-1 tie, Buffalo Exchange has ties for $7.00 through our New Merchandise
-1 pair of aviator sunglasses, $9.50 through our New Merchandise
-1 blue jacket
Everyone loves Andy from Parks and Rec, but everyone truly wants to be Burt Macklin FBI. They said you were retired. They said you were too dangerous for the Pawnee Police Department, but with four easy pieces that you can wear again and again well after Halloween is over, you’ll be the only one fit for the case.

Buffalo Exchange SF Mission Han Solo costume

3. Han Solo (Scruffy Nerf Herder)
What You’ll Need:
-1 white button-up shirt
-1 blue (or black) vest
-1 brown belt
You can never go wrong with a brown belt and a white button-up in your wardrobe and who knows when you may have to snazzy up last minute and throw on a vest. With these three very simple items you easily turn into everyone’s favorite space scoundrel (who’s scruffy-lookin?) all across the galaxy. With Force Awakens coming out in mere months everyone will be screaming “Han Solo, I love you!” in which you can always reply with “I Know”.

Buffalo Exchange SF Mission Empire Cookie costume

4. Cookie Lyon (The Queen of Empire)
What You’ll Need:
-1 faux fur jacket or vest
-1 deep purple floral or leopard print fitted dress
-1 pair of black heels or booties
-More sass than anyone knows what to do with
I think it’s safe to say with the return of Empire, COOKIE IS QUEEN! With these beautiful pieces, not only will your wardrobe have a confidence boost, but a night in Cookie’s shoes could do every one a little bit of good. As the queen said herself, “I make you better, don’t forget that”.

Buffalo Exchange SF Mission Clueless costume

5. Cher Horowitz (AS IF!)
What You’ll Need:
-1 mini skirt
-1 crop sweater
-Plaid, just lots and lots of plaid
The 90s are back with a vengeance and no girl had a stronger fashion game back in the day than Cher Horowitz. The matching sets, the crop sweaters, the knee highs, and don’t forget all the plaid! There are so many variations one can come up with to pull off the perfect Cher look. With this easy and trendy costume that you literally can put together last minute, you won’t be spending Halloween totally buggin’.

Buffalo Exchange SF Mission Kimmy Schmidt  costume

6. Kimmy Schmidt (Hash Brown No Filter)
What You’ll Need:
-1 pair of colored pants (pink or red are best!)
-1 floral blouse
-1 yellow cardigan
-1 backpack (to keep all your snacks in, of course!)
Kimmy Schmidt is unbreakable and while you’re dressed like her you will be, too. There really isn’t much more comfy than a blouse, jeans, and a cardigan, so by default it is the best Halloween costume. The great thing about Kimmy is that she is fearless, so no matter what goofy or awkward situation you get yourself into, at lease you’ll totally be in character!