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DIY Gifts: Magical Carpet Coasters

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By Sabrina Alderete, Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque

Our final DIY gift for the holidays is a fantastic set of coasters. Customize this simple DIY to include a favorite team’s colors, or keep with autumnal or seasonal colors. This also makes for an excellent housewarming gift!

You will need: Yarn, a small piece of cardboard, and scissors.
Cost: About $5 (again I have quite a collection of yarn)
Time: About an hour and a half

Step 1: To create a loom, take the cardboard, and cut a 1/2-inch slit every 1/4 inch along the top and bottom.
Step 2: To string the loom, face the slit part of the loom vertically. Begin threading the string from the first slit directly down and then around the back and into the next slit. Carry the thread back up to the top of the loom and continue this up and down process until your loom is completely threaded.
Step 3: Begin weaving by taking the yarn and threading it over and under the strings of the loom, alternating directions with each new row. This is where you can make your weave your own by creating a color scheme or maybe even adding in a shape or design.
Step 4: Add some tassels by wrapping yarn around your palm about 10 times, depending on the desired thickness of the tassel. Take that loop of yarn and knot it onto the weave by looping one side of the tassel through the other. Once the tassel is adjusted to your liking, snip the bottom of the loop, and there is your fringe.
Step 5: To remove the weave from the loom, snip the strings that originally created the base of the weave and tie each string to the one next to it.

For an added gift bonus…I mean beer goes with everything, right?

Buffalo Exchange albuquerque DIY coasters holiday gift

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