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DIY Gifts: Lavender Soap Bars

Buffalo Exchange

By Sabrina Alderete, Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque

Gift your favorite person with a DIY gift this holiday season. We created four excellent DIY ideas that are unique and thoughtful. Each DIY also includes a bonus gift tip that will have you WINNING at all your holiday festivities. First up are these adorable lavender soap bars.

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You will need: Clear glycerin soap, lavender scented oil, lavender flowers, and soap molds (The cat assistant isn’t necessarily helpful, but is recommended.)
Cost: About $20 makes 12 bars of soap
Time: An hour and a half, including dry time and wrapping.

Step 1: Heat the soap in the microwave for 30 seconds, and then in 10-second intervals until melted.
Step 2: Add the scented oil, about two drops per ounce, and stir thoroughly.
Step 3: Pour the melted soap mixture into the molds, filling halfway and then adding a layer of flowers, then another layer of soap. For aesthetic reasons, you may need to stir the flowers once the mold is filled.
Step 4: Let cool for at least 40 minutes. Once dry, gently apply pressure to the back of the mold to release.
Step 5: Wrap the bars in some lace and ribbon.

For an added sentiment, try using a flower or herb that grows in your specific region.

Buffalo Exchange albuquerque DIY lavender soap holiday gift

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