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DIY Gifts: Jewelry Hanger

Buffalo Exchange albuquerque DIY jewelry holiday gift

By Sabrina Alderete, Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque

For the friend that loves jewelry, gift this perfect DIY jewelry organizer with only 40 minutes of your time and approximately $6.00. Your friend will have an awesome display and a place to put their jewels.

You will need: 3 twigs, scissors, yarn, and screw-in cup hooks
Cost: About $6 (given I had a lot of extra yarn laying around)
Time: 40 minutes

Step 1: Wipe twigs with a damp cloth.
Step 2: Wrap the yarn around the twig, making sure that the alignment is straight. For a pattern, tie together the ends of two different colors of yarn and continue wrapping, making sure to cover the knot that connects the two strands together.
Step 3: Screw the hooks into the twigs. Be sure to pay attention to the placement of the hooks, as you don’t want two rows of jewelry to collide.
Step 4: To connect the three twigs together, choose a color of yarn and begin with one side by tying the yarn around the top twig, and then consecutively wrapping the yarn around that twig about six times. Once you’re ready to connect to the next row, you want to make sure you begin wrapping from the backside of the jewelry hanger, and wrapping it under and over the twig. Do this about six times as before, but this time knot the yarn to reinforce the wrap, and then continue onto the third row. Repeat these steps on the other side. This process can be tricky because you want to make sure you have even space not only between each row, but also on each side. It takes some fiddling with to get right. For reference, I left a little less than a foot of space between each row.
Step 5: Make a handle by tying a length of yarn to the top row.
Step 6: Complete the hanger by adding some yarn tassels. You can also adorn with feathers or crystals to give it your personal touch.

For extra points, add a piece of jewelry to this gift.

Buffalo Exchange albuquerque DIY jewelry hanger holiday gift

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