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DIY Gifting

Buffalo Exchange BlogA gift doesn’t have to take a toll on your wallet. Some of the best gifts are the gifts that didn’t cost you a dime but include true sincerity and effort.  Here’s a list of gifts that will warm the hearts of the receiver and won’t cost you more than a few bucks if any.

Buffalo Exchange BlogA Mix CD

  • One of my favorite things to receive are mixes. Not only do they add to my personal music collection but they expand my music knowledge and they are personal and sentimental.

Buffalo Exchange Blog

Baked Goods

  • Classic, simple and absolutely tasty! It’s a hard one to go wrong with, even if it’s a prepackaged mix! Add a little cinnamon to create a holiday aroma.

Buffalo Exchange BlogPhoto album or collage

  • So you’re years into your friendship with your bestie and you’ve run out of gift ideas. We’ll give them a bit of nostalgia with a collage of your friendship.

Buffalo Exchange BlogA heartfelt note

  • Dedicate some time to write that person in your life a note about how happy you are to know them. Include memories and where you future hopes.

Buffalo Exchange Blog

Compile a personalized cook book or favorite recipes. Image via Darinhercules

  • A perfect gift for family members! Collect your favorite recipes and pass them along. I mean what’s better to share than a great recipe??

Buffalo Exchange BlogA large batch of jam or apple butter. Image Via Paulspace

  • You can make HUGE batches of jam or preserves with a crock pot, sugar and the flavor of your choosing. Just let it cook all day and bottle for a homemade gift.

All together any of these gifts will cost you to near nothing and will touch the heart of the gift receiver. The number one thing you must remember to include is appreciation. If you let it shine in your gift how much you appreciate their presences or your relationship then you can’t go wrong. Happy Gifting!