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DIY: Bejewled Wedges

Tutorial by Jennifer “Jem” Ross, Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn

bejeweled wedge boots

How would you like to make your very own Haus of Price inspired bedazzled shoes! At the Williamsburg Buffalo Exchange our customers love a bit of glitz and glamour in the shoe department, so we thought it would be a great idea to deck out a pair of wedges to get the look on a budget!

materials needed include wedges, rhinestones, glue, wooden sticks

A pair of affordable wedges, these Forever 21 wedges came into the store at a steal for $13

  1. Shoe Glue : I found that this worked the best – stronger than regular elmer’s glue, less prone to just break off than super glue, and stays stickier longer than epoxy glue.
  2. Rhinestones : We found these are our local art store, they called it ‘a big bag of bling’! there are different kinds, we went for a bag with rainbow shapes and then a bag with clear circle shapes for filler!
  3. A Plastic Cup : you will need this to put the glue on to work from.
  4. Wooden sticks [ these are for making shish-kabobs ] : these will be used to place the glue on the gems.

You will also need to work in an area with some ventilation as the Shoe Glue can get pretty noxious after working for a bit. Be safe with your DIY’s!

Before starting you want to make sure that your wedges are clean – ours were made with faux suede but if yours are made of wood you will need to scuff them up with some sand-paper to help the glue stick.

instruction pictures

  •  Step 1 : Put a small amount of glue on your plastic cup [ the glue dries quickly, so you want to work in small amounts ]
  • Step 2 : Use your stick to gather a small amount of glue onto it.
  • Step 3 : Take a gem of your choosing and place a small amount of glue onto the back.
  • Step 4 : Spread it around evenly.
  • Step 5 : Place it firmly on your shoe. [ it will take a bit for it to dry completely, so it gives you time to move pieces around if you don’t exactly like the placement.]
  • Step 6 – 10 : Continue to place the gems one by one. It helped to make a design and then pull off the gems and glue them into place, so you can work a bit quicker. I started with the front, and then worked on one side to completion, then waited an hour or so for it to dry and then started on the next side.

That is all of the steps! Pretty simple. To do a pair of shoes will probably take you all day, [with cupcake breaks in between of course!] This is a great project to do with a friend – one person working on each shoe – especially nice if you both share the same size so you can both take turns wearing them!

bejeweled wedges

here are your finished shoes – all bedazzled and ready to turn every sidewalk you venture down into your personal rainbow brick road! Happy Bedazzling!