A Different Kind of Fashion Job

Buffalo Exchange Chris Soto Manager

Most Buffalo Exchange employees’ stories with the herd don’t start the day they’re hired – many have a history of shopping and selling in their local store, often starting from childhood. Chris Soto is no exception to that. Who knew that this girl along for a shopping trip with her mom at the original Buffalo Exchange would one day be the Store Manager?

A Fashion Job Where You Can Grow

Chris was going to school at her local community college in Tucson for Retailing and Fashion Consumer Science, where one of her professors shared about the success of Buffalo Exchange.  This sparked her interest in the company, but it wasn’t until she read an article in a local Tucson magazine that highlighted the mother-daughter duo that is our owners, Kerstin and Rebecca, that she realized that Buffalo might be exactly what she was looking for. She’d had enough of working in the pushy sales-driven department store environment and applied at the Tucson location.

She was hired in 2014 as a Buyer, and quickly grew her love for the company. She loved that, from the get-go, she was presented with opportunities to learn and grow in her position. In 2015 she became the Store Manager. Although she’s only been a manager for a couple of years, she’s already been able to shine in this position, such as being awarded as one of our 2016 Managers of the Year.

Buffalo Exchange Tucson A Different Kind of Fashion Job

A Fashion Job That Celebrates Individuality

Chris has learned a lot in her time with Buffalo Exchange. One of the most important things to her is valuing her staff. She has learned from her own managers that her employees are her biggest asset and that recognizing hard work is a vital part of being a manager. Even as our company has grown across the country, we still celebrate individuality, which is what makes the experience in each store feel personal and unique. Chris tells new Buyers, “Never lose your passion for fashion. Stay bright-eyed and keep having fun with it.” This is her idea of a recipe for success.

Do you want a fashion job where you can grow and celebrate individuality? Stop by your local Buffalo Exchange or apply online today. We are always looking for fun, friendly people to join our team. This is not your regular retail job!