Day in the Life of a Buffalo Exchange Buyer

Day in the Life of a Buffalo Exchange Buyer

By Jessica Pruitt, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Being a buyer for Buffalo Exchange is the most fun, rewarding job I’ve ever had. It’s also the hardest. I’ve come to see this as a winning combination. In fact, I credit my four plus years as a Buyer and Associate Manager for immense personal growth and lifelong friendships.

Training to be a Buyer

Buffalo Exchange Buyer

Training to be a Buyer is an ongoing process that lasts your entire career with Buffalo Exchange. To start out, new Buyers observe a trainer or Manager for several sessions before going hands-on. As they learn about the types of clothing that sell well for us and how to price it, they start to make decisions on their own. A trainer or manager is always right there with them to help them along the way.

It usually takes about three months for a Buyer to complete training, but in truth, the training never stops. Whether you’ve been a Buffalo Exchange Buyer for three months or three years, there are always new brands and new trends to learn about. This definitely means you have to stay on top of your development and be proactive about educating yourself.

Fast-Paced and Fun

The best part about being a Buyer is how high-energy and interactive the job is. Buffalo employees are jacks and jills of all trades, rotating around the store throughout the day to work at the buy counter, the cash register, the dressing room and the sales floor. Free time is for chatting with customers, styling mannequins or analyzing our inventory. Many employees end up loving the buy counter most of all. Every interaction is a new adventure, whether you’re having an interesting conversation with a customer or learning about a new brand or style.

Fashion Boot Camp

Buffalo Exchange Buyer Mannequins

If you want to work in the fashion industry, there’s no place like the Buffalo Exchange buy counter. At a regular retail store, you get to know the ins and outs of your own brand, but at Buffalo, you learn about every brand possible, a diverse range of styles, clothing construction techniques, personal styling and more. If you want to be a fashion designer, a stylist, a visual merchandiser, a fashion writer, a sales representative or a boutique owner, you couldn’t ask for a better training ground.

A Career at Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange McDowell Mountain Music Festival

Buffalo Exchange is also a great place to grow a career all its own. Take me, for example. Being obsessed with fashion and shopping, it seemed natural when I started working at Buffalo Exchange as a Buyer shortly after I graduated college. A little over a year later, I was promoted to Associate Manager and headed up our Visual Merchandising and PR teams in the store. I ended up loving the Marketing side of things so much that I moved down to Buffalo Exchange Headquarters to work in the Marketing Department.

Being a Buffalo Exchange Buyer teaches you an attitude of constant improvement that helps prevent you from getting stuck in a rut, whether you continue to grow with Buffalo Exchange or apply your talents elsewhere. I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without the hard work and life lessons I gained from my time working at the buy counter. Sound like the job for you? Stop into one of our 49 stores to fill out an application and meet our team. We’re always looking to hire individuals who love fashion, love people and love a challenge.


Buffalo Exchange Author Jessica Bio

Jessica Pruitt is a writer, fashion enthusiast and long-time Buffalo. She worked in the Portland, Oregon store as a Buyer and Associate Manager for over four years before moving to Tucson to pursue her dream job in the Buffalo Exchange Marketing Department. In her free time, she enjoys singing as loudly and as frequently as possible, kickboxing and going on outdoor adventures.

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