Meet Danyel Beck, Buyer and Personal Style Guru

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By Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles (Santa Monica)

Having a job in fashion is a great way to explore new styles and refine your own personal tastes – especially when that job is at Buffalo Exchange, where new inspiration comes into the store daily! Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles (Santa Monica) employee Danyel loves bringing her streetwear-inspired personal style to work every day and constantly discovering new things about fashion. As she puts it, Buyers are “50% fashion encyclopedias, 50% curious.” Read on to find out more!

How would you describe your personal style?
I like to think of my style as street mixed with a touch of elegance. My go-to look is tomboy/chic, which basically means an oversized T-shirt or dress, jeans and sneakers (or heels if I’m going out on the weekend). Add a cute cross-body bag and, of course, BIG HAIR and I’m all set!

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What inspires your daily looks?
People and music videos! Some of my style inspirations are Vashtie, Pharrell and Alea Limay. I usually pick a mood for the day and dress accordingly.

Besides shopping, what are your hobbies?
I love to dye my own clothes. I also write music, paint, hike, and go to music festivals.

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What inspired you to look for a job in fashion? Why Buffalo Exchange?
I’ve always been in love with fashion. I started to look for jobs in fashion when I began studying Merchandise Product Development at FIDM and realized I wanted to be a Buyer. There weren’t many entry-level Buyer positions available, so I applied to Buffalo Exchange. When they called me to set up an interview, I was so excited! I didn’t know anything about buying before I started working here, but they recognized my love of fashion and gave me the training I needed. I’m so glad Buffalo Exchange became my first fashion job!

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What do you love most about being a Buyer?
I love connecting with customers when they bring in items that are very special to them. As Buyers, we’re 50% “fashion encyclopedias”, 50% curious, so I love hearing stories about where items came from or what they meant to the customer. The best part is coming across pieces that I know our customers will appreciate. It’s nice to be able to make someone’s day.

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If you ever need fashion inspiration for your own personal style, be sure to visit us at your local Buffalo Exchange! All Buffalo employees, Danyel included, love to share their fashion knowledge, find out what you’re looking for and even help you shop. And hey, while you’re there, why not put in an application? We’re always looking for friendly, fashion-loving people to join the herd!