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Customer Profile: Anne, Dallas

Customer Style

We sat down with long time Dallas customer Anne Lewright and asked her a few questions. Heres what she had to say;

Buff Ex- “Why do you love shopping at Buffalo Exchange?”

Anne-“well first, I love the people. They have great fashion sense and they’re always friendly so it makes it fun. It’s like a home away from home for me. Secondly there is no better place to treasure hunt in the whole world than buffalo exchange. Every city I go to… If there’s one in town, you can be assured I’m going to buffalo exchange. I also like the recycling aspect, but also I can dress myself in the way that I imagine I should be dressing and do it for a very very small amount of money, that’s probably my favorite…”

Customer Style

Buff Ex- “What is one of your favorite pieces you acquired at Buffalo Exchange?”

Anne-“I can’t really tell you just one piece, but I can tell you I have a collection of my favorite of my pieces. I collect Pucci, I am a Pucci addict; I probably have about 40 to 50 pieces in my collection and about 90% of them I got at a buffalo Exchange…I could go on and on. There’s just too many. Every purchase I make is my favorite purchase.”

Customer Style

Buff Ex-“what would be your ideal find?”

Anne- “ if I could find anything, which has been in the store, but left very quickly and never made it to my greedy little paws, I would love to have an Hermes Medor watch, which did show up for about 30 seconds before it got snatched up and sold, I’m still on the hunt, it’ll show up one day, and that’s the good thing about Buffalo Exchange, if you can be patient and wait, everything ends up here, everything ends up at Buffalo Exchange.”

Buff ex- “and that’s the good thing about Dallas…”

Anne- “yes, that is the good thing about Dallas; well Dallas I think is the prime location for buffalo exchange because we have all sorts of fashion forward people here.”