NYLON Magazine mentioned Buffalo Exchange

NYLON Magazine mentioned Buffalo Exchange in “3 last-minute costumes on a budget” on October 28, 2014: “Ladies and jellyspoons, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Halloween is in three freakin’ days. … But do not fear; NYLON’s intrepid interns are here. … The challenge was: All our participants had $25 … The result is three very different, very thrift store costumes—but all for a girl on a budget. Check out the three costumes … Priscilla Bajomo, digital editorial intern Costume: “Funky disco chick” Money Spent: $23 at Buffalo Exchange ‘I headed straight to the East Village … My first stop was Buffalo Exchange who had a range of creative last minute outfits … I luckily soon found some patterned flair pants with a retro ’70s feel. I then found a floral patterned shirt to match, creating my costume of a ’70s hippie girl.’ …”