Creative Halloween Costumes for Your Spookiest October Yet

Buffalo Exchange Halloween 2017

By Jessica Pruitt, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Tired of recycling your same old witch or zombie outfits and need a few ideas for creative Halloween costumes this year? Look no further! Whether you prefer whipping your costume up the night before or you like to go for something a little more elaborate, we’ve got tons of inspiration to help you put together your spookiest costume yet.

The 90s Come Back to Life

Buffalo Exchange Pokemon Costume

Buffalo Exchange Spice Girls Costume

Buffalo Exchange Spice Girls Costume

Buffalo Exchange Character Costume

Buffalo Exchange 90s Character Costume

Buffalo Exchange Magic School Bus Costume

Buffalo Exchange 90s Costume

Buffalo Exchange Monster Costume

Buffalo Exchange Rugrats Costume

Anyone who lived through the 90s knows how many fantastically hilarious 90s characters, bands and celebrities there are to replicate via costume: Spice Girls, Coneheads, ET and cartoons like Rugrats, Aaahh!! Real Monsters or The Magic School Bus come to mind. To get in the Halloween spirit, find your favorite throwback show on Netflix, then get costuming.

See You at the MoviesBuffalo Exchange Minion Costume

Buffalo Exchange Queen Costume

Buffalo Exchange Kill Bill Costume

Buffalo Exchange Jack Skeleton Costume

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Disney devotee or more of a Universal Studios enthusiast – bring your favorite movie character to life this Halloween! Optional but highly recommended: impersonate the character all night long. Look up your character’s catch phrase or maybe a song they sing and then be ready to bust it out.

Creative Halloween Costumes for the Ultimate Foodie

Buffalo Exchange Spaghetti Costume

Buffalo Exchange Fruit Costume

Buffalo Exchange Food Costume

Buffalo Exchange Food Costume

Make your Halloween extra delicious this year by dressing up as your favorite food! If you’re trying to win first prize for Most Creative Halloween Costumes, dishes like spaghetti offer a fantastic opportunity for some DIY action. Other ideas include your favorite breakfast food, your favorite candy (jelly beans, for example) or your favorite fruit or veggie.

Are You Serial?

Buffalo Exchange Bob's Burgers

Buffalo Exchange Stranger Things

Buffalo Exchange Stranger Things

For a costume that is guaranteed to win friends and influence people, represent current pop culture with your must-watch TV show of the year. Last year’s most popular options included Bob’s Burgers and Stranger Things. This year, maybe Twin Peaks or Game of Thrones?

We know it’s not October yet, but it’s never too early to start brainstorming ideas for creative Halloween costumes and keeping an eye out for the perfect pieces to complete your look. Ready to start shopping? Stop by your local Buffalo Exchange. Our costume stylists can help you find complete head-to-toe costumes, costume accessories and tons of other great items to make your All Hallow’s Eve outfit complete!