Costume of the Day

Check-in with a Buffalo Exchange Costume Stylist on each Friday & Saturday in October for unique costume ideas!

Welcome to our Costume of the Day series! Throughout the month of October, we’ll be posting a new Head-to-Toe-Buffalo costume every day from each one of our stores.

Feeling inspired to get your costume on yet? We’ll have designated Costume Stylists on hand every Friday and Saturday throughout the month of October to help you put together the costume of your dreams or drum up some ideas if you’re just plum stuck. Just head into your nearest Buffalo Exchange and look for an employee wearing a Costume Stylist name badge.

Eleven from Stranger Things

By this point, you’ve probably noticed that everyone and their mom is in love with Stranger Things. It’s little surprise, then, that Eleven is slated to be the most popular Halloween costume of 2016. To get her signature look, like this one from Buffalo Exchange Atlanta, layer a pink dress over a white blouse and pair with tube socks, a blue Member’s Only jacket, a blonde wig and a box of Eggo waffles. You may not be the only Eleven out there, but you can certainly be the best. The competition’s on!

Buffalo Exchange Halloween Costume Eleven

Mad Max

If you’re a Fury Road fan or you’ve ever seen the so-bad-it’s-good Tank Girl, Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa has the perfectly dystopian costume for you. Feeling inspired by apocalyptic futures and strong female anti-heroes? The main thing you’ll need for this cyberpunk costume is a pair of goggles (how about those ski goggles you only pull out once per year?) and some studded leather accessories. Work with what you have in your closet or use this as an excuse to finally add a punk rock touch to your leather biker jacket.

Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa DIY Mad Max Tank Girl Cyperpunk Steampunk Halloween Costume


No time to come up with a full-on Storm Trooper or Princess Leia costume? If you’re finding yourself in need of a truly last-minute costume, we recommend throwing together some fun pieces from your closet and then pulling the look together with makeup, like Buffalo Exchange Fullerton did here. This costume idea was inspired by the Star Wars galaxy!

Buffalo Exchange Fullerton DIY Last-Minute Star Wars Galaxy Costume

Mario Party

Ok folks, looking for the group costume to end all group costumes? Look no further. Buffalo Exchange Dallas found the magic warp whistle with this take on the Super Mario Bros. Mario and Luigi make for a classic couples costume – all you need are overalls, a red or green shirt and matching ball caps with the letters “M” and “L” pasted on – but why not include all your BFFs? Getting the Princess Peach look is as easy as making your own crown out of yellow construction paper and a headband and then wearing all pink. For the Mario Bomb, simply wear all black, then take a belt and glue a black cardboard circle with a yellow cardboard windup key onto the back. For the fuse, glue a black cardboard circle to a headband (you could also use the lid of a jar) and then attach a pipe cleaner. Kaboom!

Buffalo Exchange Dallas DIY Super Mario Bros Costume - Bomb, Luigi and Peach

Elle Driver, Kill Bill

If you’re bored of the sexy nurse look (yawn), be an evil one instead! This Elle Driver costume from Buffalo Exchange Portland (Downtown) is the perfect Kill Bill tribute. To do it yourself, find a white dress (pick one up at your local uniform shop or mix and match white pieces from your own closet) and pair with white tights and shoes. Finish the look off by making your own nurse hat and eye patch. Voila! Instant Tarantino.

Buffalo Exchange Portland (Downtown) DIY Uma Therman Elle Driver Kill Bill Costume

The Fashion Set

Buffalo Exchange Chicago hosted their very own “fashion show” with Anna Wintour, Carrie Bradshaw and Selena Quintanilla-Perez gracing the front row. Feeling fashionable? For Anna Wintour, you’ll need a two-piece suit, dark shades and a whole lot of attitude. Bonus points for carrying around the September Issue of Vogue and looking at everyone with disdain. For Carrie Bradshaw, pair pink cowboy boots with a faux fur jacket for her signature glam-with-an-edge. For Selena Quintanilla, think 80s R&B – high-waisted pants and a bedazzled bandeau or corset will work perfectly!

Buffalo Exchange Chicago Fashion Show DIY Anna Wintour, Carrie Bradshaw, Selena Quintanilla Costume

Can you believe this crowd? Buffalo Exchange Seattle (Ballard) shows us how to dress as everyone’s favorite fashion icons – Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Lucille Ball. This is a great excuse to bring out all your favorite vintage pieces!

Buffalo Exchange Seattle (Ballard) Fashion Icons DIY Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Jackie Kennedy, Lucille Ball Costume

Minnie Mouse

This Minnie Mouse from Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Hillcrest) makes us want to wake up and smell the roses! We love the 50s-style dress, which we would definitely rewear for a summer picnic, paired with white Converse.

Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Hillcrest) Minnie Mouse Costume

Office Space

We’re rolling on the floor over this costume idea from Buffalo Exchange Chelsea. Step 1: Watch Office Space, the most hilarious movie of 1999. Step 2: Dress as Bill Lumbergh, the most infuriating boss of all time. If you could just go ahead and do that, that’d be grrrreat. Mmk?

Buffalo Exchange Manhattan (Chelsea) DIY Office Space Bill Lumbergh Costume

Adventure Time

Looking for the perfect costume for you and your best friend? Buffalo Exchange Astoria to the rescue! Celebrate your favorite cartoon by making your own Finn and Lady Rainicorn costumes. For Finn, throw on a blue T-shirt and a green backpack, then buy or make your own Finn hat and sword. For Lady Rainicorn, you’ll need a rainbow sweater and unicorn horn. You can find these at any Buffalo Exchange or make your own! Oh My Glob!

Buffalo Exchange Astoria DIY Adventure Time Best Friends Costume


Want to feel like the prettiest belle at the ball? This tiered Cinderella dress from Buffalo Exchange Ventura is the stuff dreams are made of!

Buffalo Exchange Ventura Cinderella Costume Dress

DIY Devil

We’re falling all over this do-it-yourself take on a devil from Buffalo Exchange Bellingham. Simply buy a pair of horns, then do it up in all black. We love the gothic 90s vibes of this short pleather skirt, long jacket and over-the-knee boots!

Buffalo Exchange Bellingham DIY 90s Goth Devil Costume

DIY Minion

This minion costume from Buffalo Exchange Boston (Allston) is super easy to throw together last minute. You’ll need a yellow shirt, a yellow hardhat, a pair of overalls and goggles. Make your own with any old pair of glasses, construction paper and hot glue. Pwede na? Papaya!

Buffalo Exchange Boston (Allston) DIY Minion Costume

Sad Mime

Need a last-minute costume? Don’t be a sad mime! Try this adorable idea from Buffalo Exchange Las Vegas. All you need is a black and white striped tee (a great buy, since you’re guaranteed to wear it again), suspenders, a red neck tie and a beret. For makeup, you can go full-on theatrical or keep it natural.

Buffalo Exchange Las Vegas DIY Sad Mime Costume

TV Time: Joyce Byers and Vanessa Ives

If you’re a pop culture fiend, these costumes from Buffalo Exchange Houston will be right up your alley. Think you can rival Winona Ryder? Going as Joyce Byers from Stranger Things is as simple as wearing mom jeans, a striped shirt and an army jacket (don’t tell me you don’t already have these in your closet) and then stringing holiday lights around your neck. Everyone else will be going as Eleven, so this is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

More of a Penny Dreadful fan? To go as Vanessa Ives, you’ll need a Victorian-style dress and a hat to match. Think black lace, ruffles and vampire vibes and you’ll be on set in no time. Instead of buying an expensive packaged dress, why not find a vintage one? It’ll be more authentic and probably more affordable, too.

Buffalo Exchange Houston DIY Joyce Byers Stranger Things and Vanessa Ives Penny Dreadful Costume


For a truly classic costume, this witch from Buffalo Exchange Phoenix is guaranteed to please. The best part about investing in a costume like this is that you can absolutely recycle it year after year – it’s timeless!

Buffalo Exchange Phoenix Witch Costume

If you’re more the DIY type, try out these witch costumes from Buffalo Exchange Manhattan (East Village). Start with a wide-brimmed felt hat that you’ll be able to re-wear throughout the fall. Then, outfit yourself in head-to-toe black, throw on some witchy jewelry and you’re ready to cackle. With last-minute costume ideas like this, there’s no excuse not to dress up. What are you waiting for? Get out there and brouhaha!

Buffalo Exchange Manhattan East Village DIY Witches Coven Costume


If you’re stressing over creating the perfect concept for Halloween this year, relax! Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles (La Brea) knows that it’s as simple as throwing on a masquerade mask (buy one pre-made or follow these video instructions to make your own) and then mixing and matching all the sequins, feathers and animal prints you can find. In this case, more is more!

Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks Masquerade

Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks took a more classic approach to the masquerade ball, dressing in their best black tie and then adding masks. This one works great as a couples or group costume! Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on a dress or suit jacket you really love – you’ll totally be able to wear this one again for New Year’s.

Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles La Break Masquerade Couples Costume

Minnie and Mickey Mouse

We’re taking major inspiration from our customers at Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh. How could you not fall for this adorable Minnie and Mickey Mouse? We especially love how they made it their own with a 20s-style dress and slim-cut red jeans rather than going the packaged route.

Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh DIY Vintage Mickey and Minnie Mouse Costume

Mermaid on Set

We caught a mermaid taking a break on set at Buffalo Exchange Seattle (University)! If you don’t have a pair of friends to trail an ocean scene behind you, don’t despair – you’re sure to command the room in a dress like this.

Buffalo Exchange Seattle U-District Mermaid Costume

50s: Grease and Pin-Up

If you’re feeling 50s this Halloween, you’re going to do the twist over these Buffalo Exchange Long Beach costumes. For a super simple couples costume that’ll give you an excuse to dance the night away, go for a Grease look. To capture John Travolta’s style, all you need is a crisp white tee, dark wash jeans and slicked back hair. Then, rocking the Sandra Dee is as simple as throwing on a pink shirt and tying a bandana around your neck.

You can also opt for a pin-up look with a classic fit and flare dress and heels. For more inspiration, check out our longtime customer and pin-up style star Jasmin Rodriguez. Whatever your preference, one of our costume stylists can help you put together a look guaranteed to take you back to the glory days of rock and roll!

Buffalo Exchange Long Beach How-To 50s Pin-Up Costume


How perfect is this Rugrats group costume from Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Boerum Hill)? From left to right, we present Tommy Pickles, Lil, Susie Carmichael, Chuckie and Angelica Pickles. Putting these costumes together is as simple as finding denim jumpers and T-shirts in the appropriate colors and then pinning felt or paper shapes to the front. What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for an extra excuse to eat enough candy to make you sick this Halloween, get all your best friends together and relive your favorite 90s cartoons!

Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Boerum Hill) How-To Rugrats Group Costume

Janet Jackson

For all the Janet Jackson fans out there, this Rhythm Nation costume from Buffalo Exchange Charlotte will give you a great excuse to bust out your best moves. If you want to give it a try yourself, head into your closest Buffalo Exchange and one of our costume stylists will be happy to help you find everything you need! All you’ll need is a black ball cap, black fingerless gloves and a military-style jacket (old band uniforms work well). Pair with your own black pants and boots and you’re ready to rock!

Buffalo Exchange Charlotte Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Costume

Ostrich Rider

This ostrich rider costume from Buffalo Exchange Eugene makes for fantastic Halloween party antics and is guaranteed to make your friends laugh. This one may not be super easy to DIY, but we love when costumes like this come into the store!

Buffalo Exchange Eugene Ostrich Rider Costume


We can’t get over this Baddie Winkle costume from Buffalo Exchange Boston (Somerville). If you’re not following 88-year-old internet sensation @baddiewinkle, start immediately. Developing an affinity for raver clothing at age 87, Helen Van Winkle counts Miley Cyrus and Nicole Richie among her fans, and for good reason. Using fashion to get over the loss of her husband and son, she’s now setting a positive example for young and old alike.

“I have never felt old,” she says. “I think you can dress any way you want.” Find out more about Baddie Winkle on Refinery 29, then pay her homage this Halloween! Think bright colors, neon and loud prints, like Miley Cyrus in 2013. You may not wear these pieces on the daily, but you’ll definitely be able to recycle them into 80s costumes throughout the year.

Buffalo Exchange Boston Somerville BaddieWinkle Costume

Where’s Waldo

Blend in with the crowd this Halloween as Where’s Waldo! This costume from Buffalo Exchange Georgetown is a perennial crowd pleaser that’s way easier to put together than finding Waldo. If you can’t find a red and white striped beanie, just get a red one and add your own stripes with masking tape. As an added perk, you’ll be able to rewear this solid-colored beanie throughout the fall and winter. Then, pick up a pair of fake glasses or simply knock the lenses out of some sunglasses you don’t wear anymore, throw on a red and white striped shirt and blue jeans and you’re ready to get lost!

Buffalo Exchange Georgetown Where's Waldo Costume

Assassin’s Creed

Always wanted to go back in time and battle the bad guys? Fight the good fight this Halloween in this Assassin’s Creed costume from Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia. With the movie version of the game coming out this December, you’re sure to be ahead of the curve! To get the same effect for less money than a packaged costume, you’ll need a white hoodie (which you can totally wear again!), a cape (easy to find at any Buffalo Exchange) and a red belt with an assassin’s creed logo pinned to the front. Finish off with your own brown pants and black boots and you’ll be ready to save the world!

Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia Assassins Creed Costume

Marie Antoinette

This Marie Antoinette costume from Buffalo Exchange Austin will really take you back in time! Put this one together with a fancy white wig, plenty of frills and lace (vintage nightgowns work well) and heels or ballet flats. Major bonus points for handing out cupcakes all night and saying, “Let them eat cake!”

Buffalo Exchange Austin Marie Antoinette Costume


Not much for small talk at parties? For their take on the mime, Buffalo Exchange New Orleans used packaged costumes and added their own accessories. For extra flair points, throw on a black beret and black and white striped socks. And remember, mum’s the word!

Buffalo Exchange New Orleans Costume DIY Mime

California Mermaid

If you’re already longing for those last days of summer and the feel of sand between your toes, this mermaid costume from Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles (Santa Monica) is the perfect throwback. To create this yourself, simply combine a variety of pieces in turquoise and gold. Then, brush up on your beauty skills with this mermaid makeup tutorial and you’ll be swimming with Sebastian in no time!

Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles Santa Monica Costume DIY Mermaid

Pokemon: Misty, Ash and Pikachu

Want to be the very best, like no one ever was? Then this Pokemon group costume from Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Haight St) is perfect for you and your friends! Catch all the looks as Ash or Misty or electrify the room as Pikachu.

Want to DIY it? For Ash, pick up a white shirt, a blue vest and a red hat and then print a Pokemon logo off the Internet and pin it to the front. To be Misty, all you need are denim shorts, red suspenders and a yellow shirt. For Pikachu, you can buy a hat pretty much anywhere and complete the outfit with a yellow shirt and pants. Pi-ka-chu!

Buffalo Exchange Costume of the Day Haight St Pokemon

Star Struck: Beetlejuice and The Great Gatsby

These silver screen looks from Buffalo Exchange Tempe are the perfect couples costumes, guaranteed leave your friends star-struck. Keep it classic as Beetlejuice and Delia by mixing and matching pieces in red and black. Pro tip: if you can’t find a pair of striped pants, buy a pair of black slacks and some white fabric paint to make your own. Last step? Close your eyes and say, “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice” and your costume will appear!

Prefer to move on up to the West Egg? Go as Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan. For Jay, think dapper by adding a bow tie and straw fedora to your suit. For Daisy, pile on as much glitz and glam as you can find – here, we layered a faux fur shawl over a sequin dress. These looks are sure to make you feel like a million bucks!

Buffalo Exchange Costume of the Day Tempe Beetlejuice and Gatsby


From Buffalo Exchange Nashville, we present your classic superhero costume. Whether you’re 5 or 50, you can’t go wrong…well, unless someone’s passing out kryptonite Halloween night. If you can’t find the full set, make your own! All you’ll need is blue clothing, red underwear and a Superman logo printed off the Internet and pinned to your shirt.

Buffalo Exchange Costume of the Day Nashville Superman


This robot costume from Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Mission District) is off the circuits! Again, if you don’t want to spend money on a packaged costume, pick up silver spandex, sequins and anything shiny. Then, DIY your own robot mask out of a cardboard box and silver spray paint. COM-PU-TING costume…upload complete!

Buffalo Exchange Costume of the Day San Francisco (Mission) Robot

Spice Girls

You don’t have to tell us what you want, what you really really want, to be for Halloween, because Buffalo Exchange Minneapolis already knows…the Spice Girls! This is the perfect group costume for any child of the 90s. What are you waiting for? Spice up your life!

Buffalo Exchange Costume of the Day Minneapolis Spice Girls


We love this couples/BFFs costume from Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Pacific Beach). If your friend or partner doesn’t care much for dressing up, they’re in luck – all they have to do is carry around your strings all night! This is a pretty easy one to DIY. You can make your own puppet strings out of dowels and string from the hardware store and then pair your favorite overalls with a red or yellow shirt, a blue bowtie and a green party hat (or make your own out of cardboard). Now get out there and make Geppetto proud!

Buffalo Exchange Costume of the Day San Diego (Pacific Beach) Pinnochio

Sock Hoppers

Longing for the era of sock hops and soda pop shops? So is Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne)! These 50s looks are always a classic. Simply pick up a store-bought poodle skirt and pair with your own white shirt and a bandana. If you’re feeling creative, you can buy a circle skirt and decorate it yourself using cotton balls and hot glue. You’ll be ready to do the twist in no time flat!

Buffalo Exchange Costume of the Day Hawthorne Poodle Skirts

Pink Flamingo

Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Williamsburg) is feeling pretty in pink in this glamorous take on a flamingo. We love how this costume makes for a high-impact look with only a few pieces. Simply stop in for a flamingo hat, a pink feather boa, a pink dress (ideally something you can wear again!) and the shoes of your choice (we like ballet flats, but you could just as easily do sneakers or heels). Flim flam flamingo!

Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn Flamingo

Wicked Queen from Snow White

Buffalo Exchange Washington DC proves that your costume doesn’t need a million moving parts to get the point across. All you need for this Wicked Queen is a store-bought crown and an all-black outfit. Bonus points for handing out red apples all night or carrying around a hand-held mirror and asking it who’s the prettiest of them all.

Buffalo Exchange Costume of the Day Washington DC Wicked Queen


This Maleficent from Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque is a little more complex, but totally DIYable. To piece this together, pick up packaged Maleficent horns from your local Buffalo Exchange, a purple velvet dress, a black corset and a black kimono to use as a cape. Pair with your favorite black boots and you’re good to go. The best part about this costume? These are all hot trends that will totally boost your fall wardrobe as well. Well, maybe minus the horns.

Buffalo Exchange Costume of the Day Albuquerque Maleficent


How about this adorable clown from Buffalo Exchange Tucson? Our Tucson store put this together from fun polka dot pieces, a few clown accessories and a pink wig for a little extra flair. Ba da bing! Instant funny!

Buffalo Exchange Costume of the Day Clown

The Flintstones: Wilma and Betty

Next up, we have the perfect best friends couple costume – Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble – from Buffalo Exchange Berkeley. Add your own shoes to these pre-packaged costumes and you’ll be Bedrock-ready in a Stone Age minute!

Buffalo Exchange Costume of the Day Wilma and Betty