Howling Good Costumes for the Best Halloween Ever!

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Hey ghouls and gals, it’s time again for our Costume of the Day series! From now until Halloween, we’ll be posting creative and exciting costumes daily to inspire your Halloween look. We haven’t even gotten to the best part – all of these costumes were DIY’d out of pieces from Buffalo Exchange! Whether you’re rolling with a whole spooky squad, flying solo or partnering up with your sweetheart for a couples costume, we have something for you. We add new costumes every day, so be sure to check back in!

Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia, Mean Girls Halloween Costume

A Mean Girls group costume? That is so fetch! 📸 Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia

Buffalo Exchange Seattle (U District) Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice Halloween Costume

Want to be the ghost with the most? Dress up as Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice for the best Halloween costumes of the millennium 📸 Buffalo Exchange Seattle (U District)

Buffalo Exchange Phoenix, Euphoria Halloween Costume

Party with the it-crowd in Euphoria Halloween costumes from Buffalo Exchange Phoenix!

Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque, Britney Spears Halloween Costume

Getting lost in the game of picking your fave pop star to emulate this Halloween? We’re giving you a sign to dress up as Britney Spears with a metallic bodysuit from Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque!

Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Mission), Astronaut Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Mission), Astronaut Halloween Costume

Spacing out on what to be this Halloween? Explore a galaxy of out-of-this-world costumes at Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Mission District)!

Buffalo Exchange Chicago (Wicker Park), Midsommar Halloween Costume

Buffalo Exchange Chicago (Wicker Park), Midsommar Halloween Costume

Flower crowns, lace and embroidery? It’s a Midsommar day’s dream! Shop for summer brights and floral accents to create your own May Queen costume at Buffalo Exchange Chicago (Wicker Park)

Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Hillcrest), Ninja Turtles Halloween Costume

Cowabunga! Show off your inner ‘Hero in a Half Shell’ with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costumes from Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Hillcrest)

Buffalo Exchange Houston, Scooby Gang and Hex Girls Halloween Costume

Zoinks, it’s the witches – actually, it’s the Hex Girls! Team up with your entire squad for a Mystery Inc group costume from Buffalo Exchange Houston.

Buffalo Exchange Atlanta, Charlie Angels Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Atlanta, Charlie Angels Halloween Costume

Hello Angels, we’ve got a new mission for you: find Halloween costumes for your whole team at Buffalo Exchange Atlanta – Bosley, too!

Buffalo Exchange New Orleans, Midsommar Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange New Orleans, Midsommar Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange New Orleans, Midsommar Halloween Costume

Dance the day away in a Midsommar group costume from Buffalo Exchange New Orleans! 📸 @whytrysarahtops

Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Williamsburg), Bratz Halloween Costume

Are you a Cloe, Jade, Sasha or Yasmin? Whatever your dream Bratz Pack role, express your ‘passion for fashion’ this Halloween with early 2000s looks from Buffalo Exchange Astoria!

Buffalo Exchange Allston, Simple Life Halloween Costume

            Missing the early aughts? We tuned in to our fave 2000s reality tv show to bring you this ‘Simple Life’ costume from Buffalo Exchange Allston! That’s hot.

Buffalo Exchange Tucson, Wizard of Oz Halloween CostumeBuffalo Exchange Tucson, Wizard of Oz Halloween Costume

We’re off to see the wizard – and the wonderful world of Halloween costumes at Buffalo Exchange Tucson!

Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia, Lizzie McGuire Halloween Costume

Hey now, hey now: these Lizzie McGuire-inspired looks from Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia are what dreams are made of!

Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks, Area 51 Halloween Costume

Before you head to Area 51, raid Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks for out-of-this-world Halloween costumes!

Buffalo Exchange Chelsea, Midsommar Halloween Costume Buffalo Exchange Chelsea, Midsommar Halloween Costume

Crown yourself the May Queen of Halloween in a Midsommar group costume look from Buffalo Exchange Chelsea!

Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne), Kill Bill Halloween Costume

Cross Halloween costume shopping off your list with this Kill Bill duo from Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne)!

Buffalo Exchange Ventura, 101 Dalmatians, Halloween Costume

It’d be CRUELLA to not show off this sweet 101 Dalmatians group costume from Buffalo Exchange Ventura!

Buffalo Exchange Austin, Chuckie and It Halloween Costumes

Tag, you’re IT! Halloween is more than just ‘Child’s Play’ when you have seriously spooky costumes from Buffalo Exchange Austin.

Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles, Melrose, Game of Thrones Costume

   Be the Breaker of Chains, the Mother of Dragons, the Queen of them all this Halloween! HOT tip: find your FIRE-iest friend to rock a dragon costume!

Buffalo Exchange Tempe, That 70s Show Halloween Costume

If you’re hanging out down the street this Halloween, stop into Buffalo Exchange Tempe for a That ‘70s Show inspired group costume!

Buffalo Exchange Santa Monica, Witches Halloween Costume

Do a little hocus pocus this Halloween with a classically enchanting witch costume from Buffalo Exchange Santa Monica – no magic spells required!

Buffalo Exchange Portland, Big Little Lies, Halloween Costume

We can’t tell a Big Little Lie: we’re obsessed with the Monterey Five! Line up at Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne) for the chicest Halloween group costume of the year.⁠

Buffalo Exchange DC, Old Town Road, western Halloween Costume

Take your horse to the Buffalo Exchange DC for a Halloween costume that will be sure to hit Billboard’s No. 1 spot!

Buffalo Exchange Manhattan, Fairytale Halloween Costumes

Write your own fairytale this Halloween with elegant dresses and whimsical accessories from Buffalo Exchange Manhattan (East Village)!

As you can see, we love Halloween! If you’re feeling inspired to take your costume to the next level but you’re not sure where to start, visit your local Buffalo Exchange! We’ll have a team of Costume Stylists on hand every Friday – Sunday starting September 27th who’d love to help you turn your costume fantasy into reality – you can find them around the store wearing a specialty Costume Stylist name badge. We’re also happy to help you put together a spooktacular look any day of the week. Happy Halloween!