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Convenient, Contact-Free Selling: The New Way to Sell Your Closet Cleanout at Buffalo Exchange

New Way to Sell at Buffalo Exchange - 2 Employees Wearing Masks and Holding a We're Open Sign

We’ve been super excited to welcome all our customers into the store again, but reopening safely has been our priority, so we have a handful of new guidelines in place to help us buy, sell and trade responsibly for the good of our customers, employees and public health at large! Along with regular sanitation, sneeze guards at counters and mandatory face masks for everyone in the store, we’ve made some updates to the buying process. Whether you spent your quarantine reorganizing your entire wardrobe or you just did a quick closet edit, now’s the time to bring in your cleanout!  Read ahead to learn everything you need to know about the new way of selling at Buffalo Exchange.

  • Step 1: Call your local Buffalo to make a drop-off appointment!
  • Step 2: Limit your cleanout to 50 items and let them sit for 24 hours
  • Step 3: Grab your mask & your ID and head to your drop-off appointment
  • Step 4: Within a few days, get paid via Venmo, PayPal or a Digital Trade Card!

Buffalo Exchange We're Open - Gal Wearing Yellow Dress and Matching Face Mask in Front of Buffalo Exchange Store

Buffalo Exchange Employee Wearing Face Mask & Taking a Phone Call

Setting Up Your Appointment to Sell

First things first: give your local Buffalo a quick call to set up an appointment for dropping off your closet cleanout. To start, we’re buying by drop-off appointments only – the good news is that this means no waiting in line and no waiting while we look through your items! While you’re on the phone with us, it’s the perfect opportunity to chat with your Buyer about what they’re currently buying or ask any lingering questions you might have about the new selling process. Once you’ve gotten your appointment secured, you’re ready to move onto the fun part: cleaning out your closet!

Buffalo Exchange Cute Closet Being Cleaned Out

Should it Stay or Should it Go? Collecting Your Closet Cleanout

Right now, we’re asking everyone to limit the number of items you’re selling to 50 (including shoes, bags, jewelry etc). Once your bag or box is filled with 50 or less items, set it and forget it: leave them to sit untouched for at least 24 hours before your appointment. At some of our stores, any items we’re unable to buy will be donated, so check with your local Buffalo Exchange in advance.

Buffalo Exchange Employe Wearing a Face Mask to Accept a Clothing Drop-Off

Buffalo Exchange Employee Wearing a Face Mask & Pushing a Basket of Clothing

Dropping Off Your Clothing

When it’s time for your appointment, grab your ID (Driver’s License or Passport is ideal) and your face mask and head into the store. Once you’re there, a Buyer will greet you, check your ID and transfer your items into a labelled box with your name. This will sit behind our counters, untouched over night. With these precautions, your buy may take up to three days to process — we’ll call you when we’re done to let you know your payment options!

Buffalo Exchange Buyer Wearing a Face Mask Behind a Sneeze Guard Buying Clothing

Getting Paid and Cashing Out

Getting paid for your cleanout is now more convenient than ever. Instead of receiving cash or a physical trade card, you’ll receive contactless payment through PayPal or Venmo. If you decide to take the store credit, we’ll send you a Digital Trade Card (which never expires, just like the traditional card)! 

2 Buffalo Exchange Employees Wearing Face Masks at Store Entrance

We know that selling your closet cleanout isn’t quite the same as it used to be – for that, we want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience and understanding! Our protocols are evolving as we go, so stay tuned. Staying a little closer to home for now? You can also sell your closet cleanout through our Sell By Mail program. Just request a prepaid shipping bag online, send it in and get paid!