Collectors Weekly featured Buffalo Exchange Founder, Kerstin Block

Collectors Weekly featured our Founder, Kerstin Block in “Could the Clothes on Your Back Halt Global Warming?” on May 21, 2014: “… In 1974, when Kerstin Block started her vintage and used clothing store, Buffalo Exchange, with her late husband, Spencer, in Tucson, Arizona, nobody wanted to be seen in used clothes. … “It was only poor people that wore used clothes,” Block says. “People didn’t collect them, even vintage clothes. People didn’t really go out and buy much used clothing in those days, and people didn’t want hand-me-downs and things like that. But we started out by having different kinds of things, ethnic styles and then also vintage clothing. And I wore these things. People would say, ‘That looks really great,’ and wanted to know where I got it. Then I’d tell them, ‘Well, it’s used, and I got it at Buffalo Exchange.” … the store buys stylish, wearable clothes … and a little bit of vintage. … making their curated selection of used clothes a better deal than what you find at Urban Outfitters. And Buffalo Exchange, which prides itself on being an eco-conscious company, also offers new clothes, but clothes that could go to waste otherwise. …”