Don’t Hate – Pollinate! 5 Simple Ways to Support Pollinators This Earth Day

Did you know that pollinators like bees, butterflies, birds and more are responsible for bringing us 1 out of every 3 bites of food? In fact, they’re crucial to ecosystems across the globe! This Earth Day, Buffalo Exchange has joined forces with Pollinator Partnership to protect the irreplaceable animals and insects that pollinate our plants and, in turn, the entire planet. Just like pollinators, no action is too small to make a difference: read on for easy ways you can support pollinators in your neck of the woods!


closeup of a bumblebee collecting pollen from bright yellow flowers
Long Horned Bee by Anthony Colangelo

Make Your Garden a Pollinator Party Spot

With so many diverse species of pollinators out there, creating a green space with water and shade to attract bugs, birds and everything in-between will definitely bring the party to your plot. Short on space? No spot is too small for pollinators! Window boxes, small potted plants, and even strips of grass between your sidewalk and the street are perfect places for pollinators to recharge. If you need help figuring out what and how to plant, utilize Pollinator Partnership’s region-specific garden cards to GROW forth and prosper!

illustration of a hand spraying pesticides on abstract bushes from a sprayer with skull-and-crossbones

Hide the Insecticide 

We get it, creepy crawly critters may be unwanted guests in your garden, but insecticides often do more harm than good for the other benevolent bugs that call your yard home! Instead of relying on insecticides, you can dramatically reduce your usage by removing any infested plant matter and tossing anything that’s become a habitat where harmful insects hide. Once those pesky pests are gone, keep them out by planting native species that will ward off any new creatures from bugging your garden.

Beekeeper holding frame of honeycomb with working bees

Support the Bee(keepers!) 

This is certainly one of the sweetest ways to support pollinators. Skip a trip to the supermarket and treat yourself to a jar of honey directly from a local beekeeper. A quick Google search can direct you to tasty homemade — or should we say, hivemade — honey in your area! Spot a hive in your yard or neighborhood? Call up local beekeepers to move the bees rather than opting for an exterminator.

Grandmother, mother and daughter gardening together outdoors with a man landscaping in the background

Build the Buzz Around Pollinators

You don’t have to be an ecologist to spread the word about how beneficial bees and butterflies are to our environment! During National Pollinator Week (June 20-26), Pollinator Partnership will have a lineup of online and in-person events and activities to educate on the importance of pollinators. Share what you know with your friends and family, and encourage them to do the same: when we all work together, we fly farther!

graphic with honeycombs, bees and plants that reads "Earth Day $1 Sale April 23rd"

Shop the Buffalo Exchange Earth Day $1 Sale

Now, for our favorite way to support the pollinators: shopping the Earth Day $1 Sale! On Saturday, April 23rd, at all Buffalo locations (excluding outlets), shop a special selection of clothes, shoes and accessories for just $1 apiece. 100% of proceeds from the $1 Sale will go to Pollinator Partnership and their mission to protect our pollinators. 

As a bonus, here are four quick tips on making the most out of our annual Earth Day $1 Sale:

  1. PLAN TO ARRIVE EARLY! Stock is limited and $1 items move quickly, so an early arrival is your best bet for scoring sweet items. The sale starts at normal store opening hours.
  2. BEFORE YOU GO, STOP BY THE ATM! Remember that the $1 Sale is CASH ONLY — make sure to stop by the ATM before you arrive.
  3. DRESS COMFORTABLY! Dressing rooms won’t be available for the $1 Sale, so dress comfortably in pieces you’ll be able to try on over.
  4. BRING A (REUSABLE) BAG! Chances are you’ll find lots of sweet finds, so plan ahead with your favorite reusable bag. If you’re in the market for a new carry-all, try our Buffalo Exchange reusable totes, made from 70% recycled plastic!

Colorful abstract graphic background, left side photo of 2 women wearing vintage style floral dresses, the center reads 7 Spring style trends to try this season and to the right a photo of two people wearing colorful clothing

7 Spring Style Trends to Try This Season

New season, new wardrobe! Fresh off the runways of New York and London Fashion Week, we’ve handpicked some of the stand-out spring style trends we’re most looking forward to this season. Scroll through to see our favorite warm-weather trends and tips on how to wear them!

A man posing in front of Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh wearing a rainbow Gucci shirt A man and a woman posing at a park wearing colorful clothing a woman posing by a window wearing a patch work colorful dress and a yellow cardigan

ROY-G-BIV’in It Up in Bright Colors 

If your fall/winter wardrobe was dominated by neutrals and you’re ready for a change, this first spring style trend is for you: welcome the warmer weather with saturated colors — the brighter the better! Neons, classic bold primaries and even rich jewel tones all fall under the bright-color umbrella and there’s no shortage of ways to style them. While bright color can be a big step if your sense of style is more reserved, don’t be discouraged from trying it yourself. Instead of head-to-toe color, try finishing off your look with a bright pair of shoes, handbag or other accessories. The whole point of this trend is to have fun, and you’ll win big points for creativity!

a woman posing by a fence wearing a grey plaid jacket and matching mini skirt, white boots and a brown two people wearing white collared shirts and sweater vests Buffalo Exchange employee posing in blue sweater and white tennis skirt 

Prep’s Cool! 

Started by the Ivy League crowd in the 1940s, brought back by college students in the 80s and then again in the early 2000s (remember when everyone was wearing layered polos?), this trend has some serious staying power. Like most of fashion, what’s old is new again, and this look originally associated with old money is back with a new twist. For 2022, we’re seeing this spring style trend take a new form with dramatic proportion play, like pairing cropped sweater vests with oversized oxford shirts and platform loafers. For a more subdued take on the preppy trend, add blazers, matching sets, cardigans and pleated skirts into your wardrobe rotation.

Girl posing wearing green floral jumpsuit and matching vintage luggage Two women posing together wearing vintage-inspired floral dresses Buffalo Exchange employee posing in front of Tucson location wearing yellow floral dress

Flashback-Worthy Florals 

We know, we know, florals for spring aren’t exactly groundbreaking. Still, the beauty of floral prints is that they’re perennial (that means “present at all seasons of the year,” for all you non-gardeners out there). The latest iteration of this spring style trend is a groovy, vintage-feeling motif that blends floral patterns from the 60s, 70s and 90s. Wear them in modern styles like a jumpsuit, or go for the real thing with a vintage sheath dress!

Girl Posing wearing red low-rise pants and a graphic tank top girl wearing low-rise patchwork jeans and a black corset tank top

Shawty Get Low Low Low

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the low-rise pants of the early 00s are back! Drop your rise and throw on a crop top for an easy spring look. 

Woman posing with an oversized orange Telfar bag Girl in hat with a yellow oversized Kipling backpack Person posing in neutral colored clothing holding an oversized utility bag

BAG ALERT: XXL Bags Are a Major Spring Style Trend

Major bag alert. Although not a core piece of clothing, the right bag is crucial to finishing any outfit. This spring, we’re seeing the opposite of the teensy-tiny handbags of 2021. Now that we’re back on-the-go, you’ll want a bag that can carry a wide array of items. If a truly gargantuan bag like the size ‘Large’ Telfar or oversized Kipling backpack feel like too much to handle, go for a reasonably “oversized” tote instead!

Close-up a person wearing Frida Kahlo socks and purple platform sandals Close up of person wearing bright orange platform converse sneakers Three pairs of 70's inspired platform heels in neon citrus colors

Can You Take Me Higher? Platforms, Please! 

The party shoe is back, and it’s not waiting until the sun goes down to strut its stuff — this is a fun spring style trend you’ll want to show off in the daytime! Surprisingly versatile with styles ranging from boots to sandals or even sneakers, there’s no shortage of platforms to pick from. If you’re not quite ready for the high-life, start small with a flatform. Dress them down for a casual look with jeans and your favorite tee, or go all out on nostalgia with 70s-inspired platforms and a maxi skirt with a floor-sweeping hemline. The possibilities are as endless as the compliments you’ll get!

Two women wearing varsity jackets Flat lay of clothing including a Michigan varsity jacket with matching sneakers and a graphic t-shirt Buffalo Exchange employee wearing varsity jacket with brown leather sleeves

Smells Like Team Spirit: Varsity Jackets

As we transition out of cold-weather outerwear, here’s one jacket style that still made the cut for spring style trends: varsity jackets! Also known as ‘Letterman’ jackets, so named for the team letters traditionally sewn across the chest, varsity jackets aren’t just for jocks anymore — we’ve seen them everywhere, from the runways to the red carpet.

This Next Spring Style Trend Needs No Introduction…

Saving the best for last, here’s the biggest spring style trend of all: shopping secondhand! Sustainability is always in style, and the best way to switch up your style for the new season is by cleaning out your closet and selling at Buffalo Exchange — it is called spring cleaning, after all! Your past favorite pieces could help grow into trade to spend on a fresh new look just in time for the warmer weather. To scll your closet cleanout, stop by your local Buffalo Exchange anytime!

Support These 5 Awesome Non-Profits Just By Shopping

Support These 5 Awesome Non-Profits Just By Shopping

Back in 1994, Buffalo Exchange decided to start encouraging people to skip the single-use plastic bags and instead donate the cost of that bag to local non-profits. This idea turned into our Tokens for Bags® program – and what a success it has been! So far, we’ve raised over $874,676 for thousands of local charities and kept over 17.4 million bags from polluting the environment. Read on for just a few of the amazing organizations that you can support now through June 2022.

826 MSP at BE Minneapolis

A woman reading a book to four children in a classroom

A woman holding a microphone and reading a book

Two teenagers sitting in a classroom holding a book with the title "Words Unburden Me"

826 MSP’s mission is to empower underserved K–12 students to think creatively, write effectively, and succeed academically alongside a community of caring volunteers. If you’re in Minneapolis, show them your support by dropping them a token next time you stop in to shop. 

P:ear at BE Portland (Hawthorne)

A man painting a large colorful mural

Four people sitting around a table reading one book

to the right a woman sitting at a table painting and to the left a man standing and paining on a blank canvas

P:ear builds positive relationships with homeless youth through education, art, recreation, and job training to affirm personal worth and create more meaningful and healthier lives. Next time you’re strolling Hawthorne, stop into Buffalo to help out homeless youth in the area.

The People Concern at BE Santa Monica

A volunteer bringing supplies to a homeless camp site

a volunteer handing supplies to a person

The People Concern believes no one should have to live on the street or in a violent household. Their staff and volunteers work together to address the effects of homelessness, poverty, mental and physical illness, abuse, and addiction. With their programs, they look to empower the most vulnerable among us to improve their quality of life – housed, healthy and safe – and become active participants in the community. You can do your part by dropping your token in their box next time you make a purchase at BE Santa Monica!

Open Space Institute at BE Astoria 

a couple and a toddler surrounded by trees(Photo By Bob Stone Courtesy Open Space Institute)

A couple walking in a large open area full of grass and trees(Photo by Greg Miller Courtesy Open Space Institute)

Two children hiking in the snow(Photo by Jerry Monkman Courtesy Open Space Institute)

Open Space Institute protects land that supports important natural resources like clean water, climate protection, and healthy communities, and safeguards the places that make life worth living, like parks for recreation and plant and animal habitats. Over the past 40 years, they helped save millions of acres through land acquisition, funding, research, and advocacy. They also increased access to the great outdoors through their support of grassroots efforts and park enhancement projects. If you love the outdoors, stop into BE Astoria and donate your token to Open Space Institute!

HousingPlus at BE Brooklyn 

A group of 9 people sitting at a table posing and having a good time

A family of 5 sitting close to each other and smiling

A Mother and their two children sitting down close to each other and smiling

HousingPlus provides under-served women and families the keys to build lives of their own. They provide housing so these women can create real homes and address the traumatic events that may have led to their homelessness. They also offer employment services that help them get jobs. This uniquely holistic approach empowers women to achieve personal and financial security for themselves and their families. Head into BE Brooklyn to give back to HousingPlus!

We’re so glad we have the chance to support the great work of these and other non-profit organizations through our Tokens for Bags® program. We sponsor four local non-profits at each location and rotate them every six months, so click through to find out which orgs you can give back to right now. Before you head in to shop, be sure to pack your reusable bag or pick up one of our super cute designs in-store – they’re made of 70% recycled plastic bottles!  

Buffalo Exchange tote bag that reads "Buffalo Exchange, Buy Sell Trade Fashion" is stacked with clothing and sits on a light wood table surrounded by confetti and silver tinsel. The background is a close-up of rainbow confetti

Happy New Year and Thank You for An Amazing 2021!

As 2021 comes to a close, we want to say thank you to our customers and employees for an amazing year. Although the pandemic brought a unique set of challenges, your commitment and contributions to Buffalo Exchange were the not-so-secret ingredients to our success, and we wouldn’t be here without you! Cheers to you and the New Year. We can’t wait to see what we can all accomplish in the months ahead — here’s to a bright 2022! 

New year, new you — but how about a new career? If you’re looking to try something new in 2022, join the herd here at Buffalo Exchange! Check out current openings and apply online or in-store today. We’ll see you next year!

Decorative header image for Sustainable gift guide. Pastel starry motif on beige background with wrapped gifts, tree ornaments, sweater and hat

7 Sustainable Gift Ideas for a Green Holiday Season

Ah, the holidays: a time for reconnecting, recharging and…recycling? Although it’s probably not at the top of your mind during the daily festivities, sustainability doesn’t have to take a backseat during this traditionally spendy season. In fact, you can find sustainable gifts for the same price — or even less — that what you’d spend at an average retail outlet.  Read ahead for sustainable gift ideas for everyone on your list!

Growing tomato seedlings plants in plastic pots with soil on balcony window sill with tags labels

Indoor Herb Garden 

For the green-thumbed gourmand short on yard space, a countertop herb garden is a sustainable gift idea that keeps giving. They’ll be able to propagate fresh herbs for delish dishes indefinitely, cutting down on trips to the grocery store that’ll help save gas and cash. For those looking for a little greenery, an indoor herb garden also doubles as an ornamental plant, which can breathe some fresh air into even the tiniest apartment.

a two-shelfed bookcase holding books of different sizes and colors

A Good Book

If you know someone who makes it their New Year’s resolution to read more books every year, help them take the first step with this thoughtful sustainable gift. Whether it’s a classic or currently climbing the bestseller list, a book is an excellent alternative to screen-based entertainment. Even better, pick up a gently used copy at your local book reseller. When they’re done reading, books can be repurposed as home decor or sold back to a local used book store!

reusable waxed cotton food wraps, silicon straws and sandwich bags on a blond wood table

Eco-Friendly Flatware and Food Storage 

For the meal-preppers, office lunchers and anyone else who often eats on-the-go (who doesn’t nowadays?), a set of utensils made from recycled plastic or bamboo will be much appreciated as an alternative to single-use plastics. This sustainable gift pairs perfectly with reusable sandwich bags made from materials like silicon or waterproof cloth.


a shopper poses for the camera with a popped leg and peace sign with a Buffalo Exchange tote in the crook of her arm

Totally Cool Totes

Great for carrying everything from groceries to clothes, reusable tote bags (like these ones made of 70% recycled plastic bottles that you can pick up for just $2 at Buffalo Exchange!) are a practical sustainable gift with tons of mileage. Plus, they can even be used to house your gift in lieu of a disposable gift bag! P.S. If you purchase a Buffalo Exchange gift card in-store for $50 or more between now and December 24, you’ll get one of these bags free!

close up of a hand solving a jigsaw puzzle on a table

Recycled Puzzles

Keep your loved ones sharp and entertained during holiday downtime with a puzzle made from 100% recycled materials. When every piece is in its place, the puzzle can be framed as a permanent piece of art or dis-assembled and regifted — what’s a more sustainable gift than one that can be gifted again?

Gucci rain boots and wallet sitting on top of wrapped gifts in front of a Christmas tree

Secondhand Style

Now this is a sustainable gift idea that’s easy on the environment and your wallet. Whether your giftees like to wear designer duds, totally one-of-a-kind pieces or all the latest trends, shopping secondhand for the holidays cuts down on waste from new textiles and keeps existing pieces from filling landfills. For secondhand gifts, Buffalo Exchange is a one-stop shop for every aesthetic: you’ll find high-end items like Gucci bags and boots, fun accessories, vintage pieces no one else will have and many of the same styles you can currently find in the mall or a department store. Sometimes you can even find items that are brand new with tags!

Person sitting cross-legged on ground next to a board that reads "Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a Buffalo Exchange gift card!"

A Buffalo Exchange Gift Card! 

If time is ticking to wrap up your holiday shopping, let us introduce the most convenient sustainable gift idea: a gift card to Buffalo Exchange! An excellent one-size-fits-all option, gift cards take the guesswork out of holiday shopping and give your giftees the opportunity to treat themselves to something they’ll definitely love. Plus, when you buy a Buffalo Exchange gift card worth $50 or more in-store, you could receive a free Buffalo tote (now through 12/24) Whether you buy online or in-store, a Buffalo Exchange gift card is a small present that makes a big impact.

Man in a black leather jacket, two people wearing green faux fur coats and person wearing a blue suit layered with a blue plaid scarf

5 Essentials for Your Winter Outfits

It’s the season of pumpkin spice, snowflakes and everything nice! With temperatures dropping and winter just around the corner, we’re all looking for ways to layer up and get cozy. Not sure how to take your fall wardrobe into winter? Read on for some of our favorite winter outfit essentials – then shop them at a Buffalo near you!

Two people wearing matching fuschia coats

Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Haight St.)

Two people standing in front of a blue wall wearing green faux fur coats

Buffalo Exchange New York (Brooklyn)

A person wearing a pink fur coat and hat

Buffalo Exchange Minneapolis

Two people posing in front of a store, the person on the right is wearing an animal print coat and the person on the right is wearing a yellow faux fur coat

Buffalo Exchange Boston (Somerville)

A person wearing a see through coat with pink faux fur trim and pink accessories

Buffalo Exchange Boston (Somerville)

Statement Coats

Trying to figure out how to add some excitement to your winter style? You can never go wrong by pairing a simple outfit with a statement coat. Think bright colors, faux fur trims (or full faux fur), fun prints and oversized silhouettes.

two people posing in a dressing room wearing matching checkered printed sweaters, blue jeans and black boots

Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh

A person wearing a green and white checkered sweater and black and white geometric printed pants

Buffalo Exchange New York (NoHo)

A person wearing a burnt orange colored cropped polo shirt abd brown checkered pants with a black belt

Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Hillcrest)

Two people wearing red jackets and black and white gingham pants

Buffalo Exchange Tempe

A person wearing black and white checkered jacket, pink pants, a black hat and a white handbag

Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Pacific Beach)

Geometric Prints

Take your winter outfits to the next level with geometric prints. Whether you prefer curved checkers, circles or plaid, they’re surprisingly easy to wear and mix and match. Wear this trend in a variety of fun colors or just keep it classic in black and white. 

A person wearing a black leather jacket over a black and red printed shirt

Buffalo Exchange New York (Brooklyn)

A person wearing a vintage green leather coat

Buffalo Exchange Eugene

A person wearing a full black outfit

Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Pacific Beach)

Close up of a person wearing a red leather jacket

Buffalo Exchange New York (Astoria)

A person wearing a black leather jacket and blue cropped pants

Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa

Leather on Leather

Give your winter outfits an edge with a full leather look. Wear a classic moto jacket for a rocker vibe or opt for fun bright colors for a more modern look this winter.

Two people standing in front of a wall, the person on the left is wearing a silver printed coat over a black outfit and the person on the right is wearing a two piece green suit with a black belt.

Buffalo Exchange Tempe

a person wearing a blue pinstriped suit layered with a blue plaid scarf and a black hat

Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia

A person wearing an orange and beige two piece plaid suit

Buffalo Exchange Seattle

A person wearing an oversized pastel plaid jacket

Buffalo Exchange Austin

A person wearing an oversized grey blazer and distressed blue jeans

Buffalo Exchange Ventura

Power up Your Winter Outfits With a Suit

From casual to more formal, suits are one of the easiest and quickest outfits to put together. Accessorize with a waist belt to make a statement or layer up with a scarf for cooler weather.

Two people wearing Plaid Shackets, cropped pants and holding a Buffalo Exchange tote

Buffalo Exchange Chicago (Andersonville)

A person layering up a yellow plaid shacket over a white tee and a green jacket

Buffalo Exchange Chicago (Andersonville)

A person wearing an oversized flannel shirt over a dress and white tall boots

Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks


One of the must-have trends for this winter, shackets are perfect for layering and great for more casual winter outfits. They’re like a classic plaid shirt, but even more chic!

Feeling cozy just looking at all these cool-weather essentials? Clean out your closet and sell at your local Buffalo Exchange today! Buffalo Exchange buys the best of all seasons year-round and you could pick up 25% back in cash or 50% in trade to put towards new-to-you winter outfits.

3 menswear photos of man wearing bright, graphic fall outfit, a flat lay of jeans and a flanner and a man wearing an argyle vest and jeans

Stepping into Fall Men’s Fashion Trends in 2021

Do you feel a breath of cool air? Or see the leaves changing out their lively green colors for amber or red? Fall is officially here! Time to pull out the pumpkin spice and scented candles, but more importantly, time to pull out your fall men’s fashion. If you went stir crazy and bought too many 5-inch seam shorts and oversized tees this summer, not to worry. Buffalo Exchange buys the best of all seasons year-round, so stop by to sell anytime and trade up for new fall essentials – from trench coats to plaid to mini-bags!

Man wearing a yellow polo tee, cropped black pants and green and black checkered socks

Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia

The Timeless Polo

Not only is a short-sleeve polo good for both casual and formal events, it has some utility to it, making it a men’s fashion favorite. Pair it with a denim jacket or a simple pull over for chilly outdoor events, or just wear your snazzy polo on its own. The most common polo will have a quarter button up — play around with that to make the style more unique to you.

Man wearing red plaid suit and red bag with black cabbie hat, looking backwards. corner of table in foreground


one man wearing a graphic tee and shorts holding a buffalo exchange bag next to another man wearing a plaid shirt and pink shorts

Buffalo Exchange New York (Brooklyn)

Add Some Pizzazz with a Little Plaid

Plaids are your bestie this fall. Lumberjack, but make it fashion! Use it wisely, though: plaid is best paired with solid or basic pieces. Often used as a layering piece or stand-alone top, this fall men’s fashion trend is not one you want to miss! 

Men sitting on corner of dining room table wearing a plaid sweater vest, white shirt, blue jeans, loafers and brimmed hat


The Vest Is Yet to Come

Geometric vests are an easy way to take your fall fit to the next level. We love this one since it pairs well with the jeans and long-sleeve shirts you probably already  have in your closet. This is a great piece if you are looking to ease yourself into more creative layering.

Yellow ballcap reading PS, green jeans folded up, brown suede boots and orange tee layered under flannel, all layed out on wood floor

Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne)

Be One with the Earth (Tones)

Nothing says fall like muted hues and earth tones. The best part is how easy these pieces are to coordinate. Build a fall wardrobe of earth tones and, no matter what you pull out of your closet, it’s bound to go together!

Man sitting on bannister wearing plaid pants, floral jacket, graphic bucket hat, brown cross body bag and white sneakers

Buffalo Exchange New York (Astoria)

Pull Your Fall Men’s Fashion Together With A Mini-bag Or Statement Hat

There is nothing small about the impact a mini-bag will have on your fall outfit. Throw in a statement hat and you have the full fall look! What’s nice about these two are the options available to you – wear your bag over the shoulder or as a backpack.

Whether you’re revamping your closet or adding a few new fall men’s fashion favorites, get started by trading in for some of these essentials. A timeless polo can pair very well with some complimentary plaid. Or maybe throw on a statement hat before to pull your fall look together. If you’re cleaning out your closet for the new seasons, even better! Bring in your past favorites for 25% back in cash or 50% in trade to put towards your updated looks.

Three photos featuring Halloween inspired outfits - one of person in Ramones T-Shirt, one of 3 girls wearing orange velvet, one of a person wearing a green and purple sweater with a plaid mini skirt

Halloween-Inspired Outfit Ideas

If you’re like me, then your Halloween celebrations start sometime in August. Yes, I’ve already decorated my home from floor to ceiling in bats and skeletons, so now it’s time to add a head-to-toe touch of the spooky season into my closet. Celebrate 31 days of Halloween (or more!) with these spooky style tips!

When In Doubt, Go Goth

Whether you’re more into classic midnight, dark black, eggshell black, mud black, black ice, Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl black or Blackbeard the Pirate black, there’s a shade for you. But seriously. Go monochrome and mix in different textures like leather, mesh, suede and lace! 

All black outfit

Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Hillcrest)

All black outfit

Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Hillcrest)

Two people wearing all black outfitsBuffalo Exchange Tempe

Full Story

6 Charities You Can Support by Shopping at Buffalo Exchange

6 Non-Profits You Can Support by Shopping at Buffalo Exchange


Every six months, we support new local non-profits through our Tokens for Bags® program. Instead of giving out bags, we give customers the opportunity to donate five cents (the cost of the bag) to one of four local non-profits each time they shop. Since starting this program in 1994, we’ve raised over 803,000 for thousands of local organizations and kept over 16 million single-use plastic bags out of the environment. Read on for a sampling of some of the heartwarming orgs you can support right now!

Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

When you shop at Buffalo Exchange Nashville, you can support The Elephant Sanctuary. This non-profit provides captive elephants with individualized care, the companionship of a herd & the opportunity to live out their lives in a safe haven dedicated to their well-being.

Love a bulldog

Love-A-Bull in Austin

Love-A-Bull promotes responsible guardianship & improves the image & lives of pit bull-type dogs through community support, education, advocacy & rescue. You can support these adorable pit-bulls just by shopping at Buffalo Exchange Austin!

Artreach San Diego

Artreach in San Diego

Artreach provides free visual arts residencies & mural programs in schools throughout San Diego County regardless of zip code or socioeconomic status so that kids can participate in uplifting murals like these. You can help out this awesome program when you shop at Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Pacific Beach). Just drop a token in their box!

Lessons for Life

Lessons For Life in Richmond

Do you love setting young adults up for success? Then give back to Lessons for Life when you shop at Buffalo Exchange Richmond! Lessons For Life provides high school students guidance with financial literacy, occupational opportunities, life skills, college tours and workforce etiquette.

Berkeley Humane

Berkeley Humane in San Francisco

These adorable furry faces need your help! And it’s easy to do when you shop at Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Mission). Berkeley Humane provides life-saving programs for cats and dogs, cultivates compassion and strengthens the human-animal bond. Drop a token in their box next time you stop into the store!

Deeds not Words

Deeds Not Words

Deeds Not Words galvanizes the power of young women to advance gender equity through organizing, policy-making, art and voting. Show your support next time you shop at Buffalo Exchange Austin!

With Tokens for Bags®, not only can you support fantastic local non-profits in your community, but you also help out the environment by skipping the single-use plastic bag. If you do need a bag, Buffalo Exchange sells cute  reusable totes made of 70% recycled plastic bottles. What are you waiting for? Stop into your local Buffalo to support a wide variety of great local organizations!

10 Trends for Back to School 2021 - Blog Header with photos of 7 Back to School style photos

10 Things You Need to Go Back to School in Style!

After a year-long hiatus, back to school season is, well, back! To make up for the time we all spent behind screens instead of showing off outfits IRL, you’re probably searching the web for stylish pieces to up your fall-semester fashion game. Look no further than Buffalo Exchange! To expedite your back to school shopping, we’ve compiled a list of must-have trends. Scroll through for a crash course in the pieces you’ll need in your closet this fall. 

Bright Sweaters

Make yourself stand out from the crowd (and make it easier for your friends to spot you in the library!) in colorful pullovers.

Bright green Ralph Lauren sweater

Two sweaters are shown. One is a vintage yellow 'Peanuts Charlie Brown' and the other is bright orange cable knit.

Colorful sweaters with intarsia stitching that reads "BRUTAL" and "DREAM"

Sweater Vests

Speaking of sweaters, their sleeveless cousins are so nice, we had to write about them twice. Wear them alone with your favorite pair of bermuda shorts while the weather’s still warm and then layer up with a long-sleeve tee or button up and jeans as the temps begin to cool.

Argyle sweater vest styled with turtleneck underneath and a pleated skirt Sweater vest styled with t-shirt underneath, trackpants and beanie. Plaid pleated skirt styled with cropped green t-shirt and bucket hat Argyle sweater vest styled with navy blue shorts and black sneakers

Vintage Tees 

Nothing says “effortlessly cool” like a vintage band or pop-culture tee. Get the conversation started with your new classmates in a unique T-shirt. When they ask where you found it, you can say “Buffalo Exchange!”

Vintage graphic tee styled with bright blue cargo pants Vintage Nirvana 'Heart Shaped Box' orchid t shirt Jimi Hendrix t shirt

Jumpsuits and Overalls

Nothing says “running late to class” like a chic one piece — dress it up or down depending on the day’s itinerary!

Carhartt tan overalls with plaid button down shirt Silk navy blue jumpsuit with silver star embroidery Denim overalls styled with white t-shirts and sneakers

Printed Pants

Who says that “going-out” tops get to have all the fun? Bring the party with fun patterned and printed pants.

Brown checkered pants styled with cropped brown polo green and beige swirl-patterned pants styled with mesh top and platform sneakers primary color palette jumpsuit and checkered pants

Pleated Skirts

This preppy trend is surprisingly versatile. Play it cool with a solid color or go all out with a punk-inspired take on traditional plaid!

lavender pleated skirt white pleated skirt styled with green paisley blouse Orange pleated skirt and vinyl moto jacket Plaid skirts styled with vintage Harley Davidson t-shirts

Midi Dresses

Hemlines rise and fall, but the midi dress is forever (and they’re just as easy to wear as those jumpsuits and overalls we mentioned earlier!)

Leopard print midi dress styled over jeans and mules Floral midi dress House of Sunny green dress styled with white Buffalo London platform sneakers


No back to school list is complete without denim! We’ve seen an explosion of denim trends this year, from the return of low rise to a rekindled love of 90s flares. Experiment with different cuts and washes to find your signature style!

bleached denim paired with platform sneakers and cropped tank top Classic jeans paired with plain white t-shirt and brown chelsea boots Loose-fit denim styled with oversized layered t-shirts

Cool Sneakers 

When your lecture starts in 10 minutes and you’re all the way across campus, comfy sneakers in current silhouettes and colorways will go the distance all semester long.

Gucci sneakers styled with olive cargo pants and camo jacket Silver Golf Le Fleur x Converse sneakers Samurai Rising Vans slip-on sneakers Two pairs of converse Run Star Hike platform Sneakers

Platform Boots

If you haven’t already, consider these a closet staple. Platform boots work with pretty much everything, and they’re perfect for elevating even the most casual looks!

Black platform boots and loafers styled with 90s grunge-inspired pieces Platform white and black boots styled with red polka dot dress (left) and yellow skirt with plaid shirt (right) Taupe platform Jeffrey Campbell boots

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