Mad About Plaid: One Fall Trend Worn Three Ways

By Aarian Frye, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Hello all, and welcome to fall! For me, this is the best season of the year. It has the best holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving!), basketball season is starting (Go Phoenix Suns!), my birthday is just around the corner (November!), and the air is beginning to cool (you can walk outside here in Tucson without melting into a puddle)! To my last point, cooler weather brings the best part of autumn: fall fashion! I love to layer my clothing and there’s no better time to experiment with trends. This week, I paid a visit to Buffalo Exchange Tucson to search for plaid in its many forms: gingham, tartan and more! Read ahead to check out all the pieces I found and how I styled plaid three different ways.

Buffalo Exchange, HQ, Plaid, multicolored plaid jacket

Nitty Griddy

For my first look, I experimented with a punk rock vibe and mixed two distinct patterns at once: Madras and Glen plaid. Named for its origin city of Madras, India (now Chennai), Madras plaid is recognized by its widely variable color combos and checkboard pattern – and this denim jacket does not fall short of that description! I paired it with a more subtle gray Glen Plaid (hailing from Scotland) and a mustard-yellow velvet mock neck.

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Buffalo Exchange, HQ, Fall trends

All Aboard For Autumn: Six Fall Trends to Wear This Season

By Aarian Frye, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Can you believe we’re already so far into 2018? It happened so fast, it feels like summer just started! If you’re hesitant to pack away your bright warm weather gear in favor of drab sweaters, don’t sweat it. We’ve compiled a list of the hottest trends you’ll see everywhere this fall! Color and patterns are here to stay, so read ahead for the fall trends you’ll want to shop for ASAP.

Fall Trends 101: Don’t Skip The Color!

Buffalo Exchange, Ventura, Fall Trends, Striped Dress Buffalo Exchange, Tucson, Fall Trends, Yellow Outfit Buffalo Exchange, HQ, Fall Trends, Yellow Dress

As the leaves begin to turn from green to brown, you might think it’s time for your closet to do the same. While we have nothing against a great neutral, remember all the shades that come between! Vibrant yellows, oranges and even reds will give you your chloro-FILL of color this fall.

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Buffalo Exchange, HQ, Fall Outfits, Collage

Shopping for Fall Outfits on a Budget: How I Updated My Wardrobe for Less Than $100

By Aarian Frye, Buffalo Exchange HQ

First things first, I must confess that I love to shop. If you’re reading this blog, I’m willing to wager that you do, too. However, none of us likes spending hundreds of dollars on a wardrobe update, so that’s why I’m here – to guide you through updating your wardrobe for under $100! This past weekend, I went to Buffalo Exchange Tucson in search of a few versatile pieces to liven up my closet for the last weeks of summer. I also wanted to make sure I could incorporate these into my fall outfits when the weather gets cool. Read on to see what I found!

Fringe Benefits

Buffalo Exchange, HQ, Fall Outfits, Paisley Two PieceBuffalo Exchange, HQ, Fall Outfits, Fringe Bag

There’s nothing I love more than a coordinating set! I found a great deal on this two-piece. This set is breezy for summer, but I know it’ll look great with a cardigan and boots when the weather cools down. Because I came in under my budget for this item, I took the plunge and bought a saddle bag with colorful suede fringe as well. This is going to add some serious flair to all of my fall outfits!

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Sell at Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia!

Hey PhillyBuffalo Exchange Philadelphia wants to buy your closet cleanout! We’re currently looking for a mix of classic and fun pieces, from men’s and women’s shorts to awesome retro windbreakers and sneakers. We’re also looking for one-of-a-kind pieces like vintage clothing and jewelry, including sterling silver and turquoise. If you have seasonal items like Halloween costumes or holiday sweaters, now’s the time to bring them in, too! When you sell your closet cleanout at Buffalo Exchange, you could leave with 30% back in cash or 50% back in trade. Grab your reusable Buffalo Exchange tote and come see us today!

Buffalo Exchange, Headquarters, Valentine's Day Outfit

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit for Any Occasion

By Jessica Pruitt, Buffalo Exchange HQ; Outfits styled from Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Valentine’s Day may have been invented by Hallmark way back when, but hey, I’ll take any excuse I can to dress up. Er, to celebrate my loved ones, I mean! Whether you’re planning on getting drinks with friends, going out for a fancy dinner, staying in to make dinner for two or having an impromptu snowball fight, these are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day outfit options!

She’s So Metal

Buffalo Exchange, Headquarters, Valentine's Day Outfit, Metallic Skirt, lace

I love this Valentine’s Day outfit for a night out with your besties. The metallic trend takes a turn for the romantic when paired with a fuchsia lace blouse. Add an extra pop with hoop earrings and a beaded clutch, then complete your look with tights and slides. Bonus: you’ll definitely want to re-wear this metallic origami skirt all year long.

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Buffalo Exchange Nashville The Goods

Nashville Natives’ Take on Southern Style

By Courtney Dwyer and Zaviera Harrison, Buffalo Exchange Nashville

When you think about the Southern style of Music City, you probably picture cowboy boots, rhinestone cowboy hats and enough guitar-related merchandise to make your head spin. However, here at Buffalo Exchange Nashville, we’ve found that our customers are more about cool classics with an eccentric twist.

Vintage Country Music Tees

Buffalo Exchange Nashville Country Music Tees

Band tees are always a wardrobe staple. Our customers particularly love retro country music tees featuring fan favorites like Johnny Cash, Kenny Chesney, Trace Adkins and many more.

Boots on Fire

Buffalo Exchange Nashville Boots

These sweet Durango cowboy boots recently came into our store and our entire staff has been obsessed ever since! We’ve watched flames quickly become one of the hottest trends (ok, you gut us – pun intended) of the summer season and the flames tooled into this pair make them stand out among the rest.

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Buffalo Exchange Astoria Goods

The Goods at Buffalo Exchange Astoria

By: Casey Shreiner, Buffalo Exchange Astoria

As summer rolls along, great pieces are making their way to the Buffalo Exchange Astoria. Exciting and stylish apparel is always a staple at Buffalo, but with the transition back to school on its way, we’ve been seeing some of the cutest leather accessories, men’s streetwear, vintage and even sterling silver fly past the buy counter and onto the racks. What are these extraordinary sartorial finds, you ask? Read below to find out!

Reason Menswear items

Buffalo Exchange Astoria Menswear

These colorful Reason snapback hats, complete with a trendy metallic sheen, are mixing up the day-to-day streetwear game. This Pollock-esque camo jacket toughens up the look while remaining fresh and playful.

Floral bomber

Buffalo Exchange Astoria Bomber

With this vibrant blue and red bomber, we’re happy that fall is on its way. Paired with a simple jeans and T-shirt or dressed up with heels and a simple black dress, this jacket is sure to make any outfit shine.

Bumblebee Jeans

Buffalo Exchange Astoria Jeans

As the flowers keep blooming around Buffalo Exchange Astoria, the bees keep buzzing – even on these adorable slim-leg, embroidered jeans. Perfect for any visit to the botanical gardens you might have coming up before that autumn chill hits!

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Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh Inventory

The Goods: Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh

By Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh

Perhaps the most exciting part of working for Buffalo Exchange is the thrill of the buy counter. Our inventory is constantly changing and we get to see a wide variety of clothing brands and styles EVERY SINGLE DAY. The Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh store is no exception to this rule: since we first opened our doors a year and a half ago, we’ve built strong relationships with regular sellers to keep exciting pieces coming through our doors. Today, I’d like to share some of the pieces we recently had in store that we as a team are very excited about!

A Fly Look

Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh Men's Style

Derek, one of our Buyers here at Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh, loves creating displays and putting outfits together. Here, he’s wearing an H&M micro-print airplane button-up and the coolest pair of Scotch & Soda cargo shorts EVER. Having fun and exciting men’s items in our inventory is a top priority, and these two pieces definitely fit the bill!

The Perfect Prada Shades

Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh Prada

These AMAZING Prada sunnies have been quite the topic of conversation among customers peering into our jewelry case. The loud design may not be for everyone, but we’re so excited we had these in store! This year, loud shades with 80s-inspired details are all the rage, so these are the perfect summer accessory!

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Buffalo Exchange Hollywood Florida Going Out Looks

Going Out Looks from Buffalo Exchange Hollywood

By Buffalo Exchange Hollywood

Need a new going out look for the weekend? Buffalo Exchange Hollywood employees Phillip, Chanell and Monet took a look through their racks to pull out some of their top picks for a night out on the town. From sequins to fringe, we’ve got you covered!

Phillip’s Pick: Two-Piece Sequin Set By Mayhem

Buffalo Exchange Hollywood Florida Going Out Look 2-Piece Sequin Set

Phillip loves how this look brings on 90s nostalgia but also has a modern cut that feels very current. Plus, who doesn’t love sequins?! For Phillip, the versatility of this piece is key: you can wear the skirt and top either together or separate, doubling this item’s outfitting potential.

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