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Sip and Shop with Buffalo Exchange Tucson and Rush Bowls!

If it feels like the spring semester arrived too soon, Buffalo Exchange Tucson and Rush Bowls have something to make your 8am lecture just a little bit sweeter. Sip and Shop with us from January 25th through February 1st and you can save big at both of our stores — just show your Buffalo Exchange receipt at Rush Bowls to receive 10% off of fruit bowls or smoothies or show your Rush Bowls receipt at Buffalo Exchange to receive a $5 off clothing coupon!

Sedona Band Photographed by Katherine Bonnie

Meet Sedona – One of Brooklyn’s Bands to Watch

By Katherine Bonnie & Aarian Frye, Photography by Katherine Bonnie

Sedona, band in vintage nightgowns, photographed by Katherine Bonnie

Meet Sedona: the electrifying dirty pop group based out of New York City. The band is comprised of five members: Tia on drums, Merilyn on keyboard, Claire on guitar, and Lily on bass with lead singer Sedona at the forefront. Even though the group has a wide array of personal styles, they’re all avid thrifters with an appreciation for vintage gems. It’s little surprise, then, that the group loves shopping at Buffalo! “I’ve shopped at Buffalo for as long as I’ve lived in New York, so four years now,” Claire says. “My entire outfit is from Buffalo Exchange!” Tia adds.

Sedona, band seated for portrait, photographed by Katherine Bonnie

Sedona did their first tour in March of 2019, driving 70 hours across the country in an old church bus to play SXSW and venues in New Orleans, Pennsylvania and their home base of NYC. “We played a bunch of shows. It was beyond fun to travel and perform with a group of inspiring ladies that I’m lucky enough to call my family!” says lead singer Sedona. They returned full of inspiration for new projects. All five members of the band light up when they talk about their plans for the group. “We set aside some time this summer to write together, which was a first for us, and we can’t wait to play more shows.”

Sedona’s next show is at Rough Trade in Brooklyn on Wednesday, August 14th. You can find their music on Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube and keep up with the band on Instagram and Facebook. If you’re feeling inspired by this band’s catchy tunes and unique personal styling, head to your local Buffalo Exchange to shop some vintage finds of your own!

Buffalo Exchange, Headquarters, 5 Gyres, Plastic Pollution

More Ocean, Less Plastic: Meet Our Earth Day $1 Day Sale Beneficiary

By Danielle Hargett, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Every year, we choose a different environmental charity to support through our Earth Day $1 Day Sale. For 2018, we’re thrilled to announce that all proceeds from the sale will go to The 5 Gyres Institute! 5 Gyres is an organization dedicated to using science, art, education and adventure to understand and reduce plastic pollution.

Mark Your Calendars

Buffalo Exchange, HQ, 5 Gyres, Prince Leopold Islands

Clear your schedule – our 21st annual Earth Day $1 Day Sale is coming up on Saturday, April 21, 2018 at all locations, excluding outlets. A special selection of men’s and women’s fashion will be available for just $1 apiece. All proceeds of the sale will be donated to The 5 Gyres Institute in support of their efforts to research ocean plastic pollution and engage communities in the responsible use, design and disposal of plastic materials.

So, What’s a Gyre?

Buffalo Exchange, HQ, 5 Gyres, Beach

A gyre, pronounced jy-yure, is a ring-like oceanic current system. There are 5 subtropical gyres in the ocean (hence the non-profit’s name!) and, in 2011, 5 Gyres discovered evidence of plastic in all of them. Since then, they have been studying how plastic travels to these gyres and the effects it has on marine ecosystems, wildlife and human health.


Buffalo Exchange, HQ, 5 Gyres, Broken plastic on beach

5 Gyres may be relatively new, beginning in 2009, but they’ve been at the forefront of major environmental challenges and accomplishments. A notable example is the 2015 U.S. ban on plastic microbeads – tiny pieces of plastic found in cosmetics that you can’t see or filter out. Thanks to their research on plastic pollution and their #BeadFree campaign, the sale and manufacturing of these plastic microbeads are now banned in the United States.

Moving Towards a Plastic Pollution Solution

Buffalo Exchange, HQ, 5 Gyres, Plastic trawl

Current 5 Gyres programs include their TrawlShare, Plastics BAN (Better Alternatives Now) List and Mi Mar educational initiative, just to name a few. Through their Trawlshare program, they engage citizen scientists and are able to broaden their data collection on marine plastic pollution. Their Plastics BAN List gives consumers the chance to learn about the materials they regularly use and provides options for better alternatives to plastic.

One of their newest initiatives, Mi Mar, or My Sea in Spanish, is a program that encourages underserved high school students to learn about plastic pollution through one-day research expeditions off the coast of L.A. Through their programming, they work to spread awareness about the issue, create community engagement and spark ideas for long-term solutions.


Buffalo Exchange, HQ, 5 Gyres, Reusable bags

Like what you hear? Support 5 Gyres and their mission to reduce plastic pollution by shopping our Earth Day $1 Day Sale this April! To minimize plastic use and maximize your clothing carrying capacity, be sure to bring your own reusable bag to the sale (or buy one of ours, made from 70% recycled bottles)! Don’t forget that the sale is cash only and that $1 items go quickly, so plan to arrive at the store early! For opening hours, check your local Buffalo Exchange. To learn more about 5 Gyres and find out other ways to get involved with this year’s Earth Day $1 Day Sale beneficiary, visit

Buffalo Exchange Fantasy Football Draft

The Surprising Wisdom of Fantasy Football

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

You don’t have to be a sports fan to know that, come fall, the biggest American sport is football. And right up there with the gridiron pastimes of tailgating and face-painting is the growing activity of fantasy football. Even if you know zilch about it, chances are you know someone who does. Over 40 million people across the US will unleash their pigskin nerd this season, and I’ll show you why these seemingly kooky folks may just be onto something.

For those unfamiliar with fantasy football, here’s the painless fifteen second breakdown: like kids picking teams on the playground, participants in a fantasy league (usually 10 or 12 people) pick real life pro football players for their team. Then, as the actual games are played, they accumulate points for the running, catching, and passing feats of their players. The more points they get, the better their chances of winning.

Some friends talked me into joining their fantasy league, and I figured it would be a harmless diversion, one of those arbitrary activities that give adults a reason to  hang out for a bit, like bowling or karaoke. What I absolutely did not figure was that this meaningless little game would crystalize and reinforce some of life’s most important lessons for me in a way that few other experiences have. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but just hear me out.

Buffalo Exchange Fantasy FootballFull Story

Buffalo Exchange Mural Artwork in Tucson

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Every city has that one part of town. The part that seems to have a bit more personality than the rest – the one where creative folks are free to do their thing. But usually those imaginative pockets are overlooked by the residents of the city at large, appreciated more by out-of-town visitors. My suggestion? Every once in a while, take on the mindset of those visitors and be a tourist your own town.

Buffalo Exchange Tucson Artwork

Timing is Everything

Unfortunately, artsy areas are often in an older, more congested part of the city. The key is to go during off hours – early on weekend mornings or, even better, a holiday. I woke up surprisingly early on the 4th of July and decided to stroll through downtown Tucson, AZ. While it may not be the bustling metropolis that your city is, I was shocked at how few people I saw. I half expected a tumbleweed roll by. If only for a little while, the place felt like it was mine.

Buffalo Exchange Tucson Artwork Murals

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town & Make New Discoveries

For my morning of hometown tourism, I brought up a map of downtown murals, parked the car, applied some sunscreen and started walking. Good tunes flowed through my earbuds and, without the usual car or foot traffic in the way, opportunities for interesting photos were plentiful. I also made sure to take note of new (or new-to-me) shops and restaurants that I wanted to check out in the future.

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Buffalo Exchange Standup Anwar Newton

Sit Down with Standup Anwar Newton

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

We spoke with Anwar Newton, a standup comic based in Phoenix, AZ, about finding your voice, the changing landscape of comedy and creating Literally the Worst Show Ever.

The Path to Becoming Funny

Was comedy something you always wanted to do?

Not at all, really. But people were always telling me I should do standup, so I went and hung out at an open mic – just sat in the back for several months. Eventually I saw one too many comedians that I thought I was funnier than. I thought, “If this guy can do it, anybody can.”

What was your first time on stage like?

A nightmare. It’s a wonder that I’m still doing it. I left feeling like, “This was the worst thing that has ever happened on this stage… at this bar… in this city!” There should have been some beacon of humanity to walk up to me and say, “Go give your day job your all. Get promoted. Invest in your 401k. Have a plan.”

What kept you coming back?

I learned that you don’t really understand how to be funny until you have enough failure under your belt. You think that you’d get better by constantly making people laugh, and the more laughs mean you’re getting funnier. But actually it’s the utter failures, the complete dejection of just crashing and burning – those feelings of despair you take off the stage really start to mold you into a great performer. And not just in comedy. It applies to a lot of performance art. Being at the very bottom helps you pull something genuinely magical out – something truly unique that people can really attach themselves to.

Was there a certain performance where it finally seemed to click?

I had agreed to appear at a friend’s out-of-town amateur standup showcase. I was broke, with rent due soon, and wound up having to turn down multiple good-paying shows so that I could be there. After a couple hours of driving to the venue, I was super frustrated, but there was no place for that frustration to go. I got onstage and grabbed the mic, not knowing which of my jokes – that I was already sick of telling – I was going to begin with. And I just stood there for about ten seconds.

Then I immediately started talking about something that was so controversial and on the top of everybody’s mind. I felt a certain way about it and just laid it out. That raw emotion made it genuinely relatable and funny. Afterwards people were like, “Dude, that is the funniest take on that issue I have ever heard.” It was this eureka moment. We always talk, me and other comedians I’m close to, that you get to the point where you stop telling jokes and you start just being funny.

Buffalo Exchange Sit Down with Anwar Newton

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Buffalo Exchange DIY Art

Brighten Things Up with DIY Art

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

White, cream or beige. Wherever you call home, chances are your walls wear one of these shades of neutral. Ah, but if you listen, you can hear those walls, just screaming for a pop of color. A vibrant, monster-sized painting – that would certainly do the trick. But who has the money for that? Luckily, there’s a better option. And yes, dear friend, that option is you. What’s that, you say? You’re no artist? With DIY Art, it doesn’t matter one bit.

The Ikea-ization of today’s modern furnishings have made clean, simple lines the style of the day. The artistic form that embodies this style is Minimalism – which, luckily for us, is a piece of cake to replicate (seriously, read on and I’ll show you).

Buffalo Exchange DIY Art

Plan of Attack

The first thing you need is something to paint on. There are multiple ways you can go. You can hit up a chain craft supply store that has 50% off coupons on a weekly basis and buy yourself a big ‘ol canvas. Or you can acquire an inexpensive painting at a thrift store and shamelessly paint right over it. Heck, you can even repurpose scrap building supplies (a discarded door can make for a cool painting surface).

Next, you need to settle upon a design. A quick dive into “minimalist painters” will get the wheels turning, but really, as long as you keep it simple, most any design you can conjure should fit the bill. Straight lines are key here, since painter’s tape will be doing the heavy lifting. Now think about the colors you want to use. Look around the room and see if the existing furnishings give you clues. You want a painting that adds pop, but you don’t want it to seem out of place.

Buffalo Exchange DIY Art Set Up

DIY Art Story”>Full Story

Buffalo Exchange Sounding Smarter

1 Simple Tip to Sounding Smarter

by Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Let’s get one thing straight: you’re already a smart person (you shop at Buffalo, so of course). But we can all agree that there is a difference between being smart and sounding smart. The path from frontal lobe to tip of the tongue is short but slippery. Even our most insightful ideas can land with a thud. It’s all about packaging – the words we choose to convey our point. And, if you’re like me, we can become a bit lazy when it comes to those words we choose, often grabbing the closest term in our mental cupboard.

Scrabble Revelations

Recently, while playing Scrabble with friends, I added a twist to the rules: we could only play words that everyone agreed we personally might use in everyday conversation. My thinking was that it would eliminate those tedious dictionary dives to answer the age old Scrabble question, “Is that REALLY a word?” The rule change was effective in speeding up the game, but also had the unintended side effect of highlighting how limited our conversational vocabularies were.

Fortunately, if we crack open the communication toolbox we’ll find an easy-to-use jumper cable that can spark us back into sounding like the smart people we are.

Say the Magic Word

So what’s the magic word? The one that will raise our perceived IQ to that of a pipe-smoking, elbow patch-sporting, British accent-wielding professor? There is none. However, to get back into smart-sounding shape, we can start by eliminating a single word from our conversational diet.Full Story

How to Start a Podcast: Beer-powered Podcasting

by Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

We chatted with Portlander (and longtime Buffalo employee) Gary Hanson about how to start a podcast and find out all about his homegrown technology podcast, I’ll Have a Beer and Talk.


Let’s start with your path to Buffalo Exchange…

I like to know a little bit about most everything and I’ve had a varied career. Coincidentally, a video store I helped open in Cambridge, Massachusetts closed and became a Buffalo Exchange.

I started with the Buff in Portland in 2008. I like that the Store Administrative Assistant position allows me to use pretty much every random skill I’ve gathered and apply them in a way that makes everyone’s lives easier.

How to start a podcast

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Buffalo Exchange Alfred Banks

Wear What You Like: Profile of Alfred Banks

By Jessica Pruitt, Buffalo Exchange HQ

We talk with New Orleans rapper Alfred Banks (aka @UnderDogCentral) about his River Kings 2 Tour of “The Beautiful” (happening now!), his music career and his take on personal style. Banks loves shopping at resale stores like Buffalo Exchange because it gives him the freedom to build his style from the ground up.

Buffalo Exchange Alfred Banks

What do you like about shopping resale and Buffalo Exchange in particular?

For me, the hunt of finding something so cool among the shelves of a resale store like Buffalo Exchange really excites me. Putting an outfit together from a complete blank canvas is awesome.

How did you get started shopping at Buffalo?

I’ve always lived close to Buffalo Exchange down here in NOLA, so one day in 2007, I just decided to walk in and see what you guys had. Ten years later, I still walk in all the time.

You’ve travelled all over the US. What’s your favorite Buffalo you’ve shopped at?

My favorite Buffalo has to be here in NOLA. The one in Austin is really cool, but nothing compares to my hometown.

What’s been your favorite Buffalo find recently?

Recently, I found a pair of High Top K-Swiss Midcourts and they are so dope. Awesome color way and super comfy.

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