Throwback Thursday: Costumes Come Back to Haunt You

By Buffalo Exchange Chelsea

Do you have a childhood Halloween costume you’ve always been DIY-ing to resurrect? Or perhaps one you wish would just stay dead? Like, “Mom, burn all those photos” kind of dead? Yeah, us too. We asked employees to bring in photos of their favorite costumes from years past and compared them to this year’s Halloween creations. Join us for a trip down memory lane!

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Composting Made Easy

By Sarah English and Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ (with photos by Sarah and Stephanie Lew)

Hi! My name is Sarah English and I love Buffalo Exchange, because of their recycled earth-friendly atmosphere! I completed a degree in Horticulture and have worked in Buffalo Exchange’s Accounting & Payroll departments for the past five years. Though my job is pretty schedule-oriented, composting doesn’t have to be!

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Buffalo Exchange Berkeley meet our team diana

Meet Our Team: Diana Manriquez

By Buffalo Exchange Berkeley

I started working for Buffalo Exchange in August of 2015, as my sophomore year of college finally came to an end. I didn’t know what was in store for me, but I was excited to enter this extremely fashion-forward world. I slowly started to develop knowledge about clothing as I was exposed to all kinds of brands, materials, and qualities. As I’ve developed as a buyer I’ve started to discover my own sense of style.

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Buffalo Exchange Portland Downtown Meet Our Team blog header

Meet Our Team: Madeline Music

By Buffalo Exchange Portland (Downtown)

A great statement piece can make or break any outfit! At the Downtown Portland Buffalo Exchange Madeline Music has been spicing up her wardrobe with fun and innovative pieces from her jewelry collection. From funky feathered earrings to pieces that she’s made herself, Madeline’s expansive jewelry collection is not to be missed! We sat with her to chat about some of her favorites.
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Buffalo Exchange Tucson Campus Associate Manager Alyssa header

Meet Our Team: Alyssa

By Virginia, Buffalo Exchange HQ

I had the opportunity to chat with Buffalo Exchange Tucson Campus associate manager Alyssa. We talked about her career path at Buffalo, career advice, and how she balances other aspects of her life (she’s in a band!). Check out my interview with her below.

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Buffalo Exchange Tucson headquarters warehouse team header

Warehouse Playlist

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Meet our Shipping and Receiving department. This hardworking crew has the daunting task of putting together new clothing & accessories, customized for each of our four dozen stores around the country, at a clip of 85,000 pieces a month. How do they keep up the breakneck pace? With a steady stream of tasty tunes, of course! Check out this eclectic sampling of the music that keeps our warehouse groovin’ and Buffalo movin’…

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Buffalo Exchange HQ Blog header

Buffalo Exchange HQ Tour

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

You might assume that a company with 48 (soon to be 50) retail locations nationwide would be headquartered in a glossy corporate high-rise. Not Buffalo Exchange. Heck, you could easily walk right past our headquarters without even noticing it. That’s because no one expects a company this large to be housed in, well, a house. Actually, seven of ‘em. Come see the neighborhood that makes up Buffalo Exchange HQ.

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