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Meet Our Team: Jessica

By Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne)

Buffalo Exchange Hawthorne associate manager Jessica takes us on a tour of her closet and gives us her take on personal style. Jessica has worked for Buffalo Exchange for three and a half years and loves the company’s ethos of constant growth and personal responsibility. Over the past few years, her wardrobe has evolved as much as she has!

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Meet Our Team: Monica Dam

By Buffalo Exchange Seattle (Ballard)

Our associate manager Monica Dam has worked at Buffalo Exchange since August 2, 2014. She started as a buyer and enthusiastically took on the challenges of being a manager when the associate position opened up in December 2014. She grew up in Ballard, not far from our store, and has never strayed far from the city that she loves. Her love of fashion didn’t start at Buffalo Exchange 10 months ago; it simply gave her an opportunity to explore new fashion territory. She grew up shopping at the U-District store, always searching for a new treasure that she could add to her wardrobe. Of course she was more than delighted when a Buffalo opened up in her Ballard neighborhood.

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Meet Our Team: Sarah

Photos by Michael Hallsenius

Seattle Style

We asked Buffalo Exchange Seattle manager to tell us a little bit about herself! Here’s what she had to say: I have a BA in Apparel Design, had the great opportunity to study fashion styling in London for a bit which I died for, and have now been a manager at the buff for a little over two years! And I don’t plan on going anywhere but up from here!Full Story

Meet Our Team: Jen, Portland

Written & Photographed by Amy Hjorth, Buffalo Exchange Portland (Downtown)

Portland Style

Meet Jen, a downtown Portland Buffalo Exchange employee whose style and love of all types of fashion, is more than apparent.  This mom-to-be describes her style as, “eclectic and fun.  I have a ton of trendy, vintage and silly pieces, and just mix them altogether to create my own personal style.” Jen embraces Portland style by taking inspiration from the people on the streets, rather than magazines and online; “While those are all great resources, those popular in-the-moment trends tend to be seen over and over again, but people in Portland have such greats ideas and ways to make those trends their own.”  That’s why working and shopping with Buffalo is a great place to find new trends that suite your personal taste. “I love to play around with customers in the dressing room.  It’s like playing dress up in a huge closet that is always changing.”Full Story