Buffalo Exchange Way of the Buffalo Company with a Cause

The Way of the Buffalo: A Company with a Cause

By Dana Zepke, Buffalo Exchange HQ

In 1974, Spencer Block co-founded Buffalo Exchange with his wife Kerstin. For the next three decades, they ran the store hand-in-hand, bouncing ideas off each other and learning a whole lot of life lessons along the way. His book, The Way of The Buffalo, recounts hilarious and insightful tales of these years and many of the core values that Buffalo Exchange still stands by today. Read on for some of our favorites!

Valuing All Life           

“Living things besides humans are important and essential to the quality of life. These plants and animals must be respected, valued and protected where necessary.” – Spencer BlockBuffalo Exchange Values

From January to April every year, Buffalo Exchange stores across the country ask customers to give their furs back to the animals through our annual Coats for Cubs drive, a program initially started by The Humane Society of the United States. These furs are then sent off to wildlife rehabilitators to help out injured and orphaned animals. Since 2006, we’ve donated over 12,000 furs.

Capping it all off in April is our annual Earth Day $1 Sale. On this momentous Saturday, we sell a selection of men’s and women’s clothing at every location for just $1 apiece, with 100% of the proceeds going to a national charity. This year, all proceeds will go to the Humane Society of The United States to aid in their efforts to encourage pet adoption.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

“Re-using and recycling resources is an important way of helping to preserve the environment and the biodiversity that is essential to the well-being of the planet.” – Spencer Block

Buffalo Exchange Recycle

Our business model of Buy, Sell, Trade does more than just give clothing a second life – it also helps lessen the impact of clothing waste and pollution. We believe that reusing and recycling clothing aids in the protection of the environment. But we don’t stop there!

Since 1994 we’ve raised $656,798 for thousands of local nonprofit charities through our Tokens for Bags® program. How did we do it? Simple! Any time a customer makes a purchase, we donate 5 cents to a local charity instead of giving out a plastic bag. Not only do charities benefit, but we’ve kept over 13.1 million plastic bags out of landfills. Win-win!

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Buffalo Exchange Jobs

The Perks of Being a Buffalo

By Dana Zepke, Buffalo Exchange HQ


As you can probably guess, Buffalo Exchange employees spend their days around excellent clothing and phenomenal customers, but did you know the perks of being a Buffalo go even further? Find out why a job at Buffalo Exchange is one of the best retail jobs out there!

Health Insurance

Buffalo Exchange Tagging

  • Buffalo Exchange offers medical, dental and vision insurance for both full-time and part-time employees (and their families) – even if they work as few as 20 hours a week.
  • Our family members are important to us and, whether they walk on two legs or four, we believe they deserve the same level of care. We offer pet health insurance for our employee’s cats and dogs.
  • For those that enroll in the medical plan, Buffalo Exchange offers a free $20,000 life insurance policy.

Buffalo Goodies

Buffalo Exchange Shoes

  • Discount, discount, discount! Our employees are fashion-obsessed individuals who love to shop! On top of the already great prices, employees get discount each month.
  • Need a vacation? Both full-time and part- time employees start earning paid time off on day one!

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Day in the Life of a Buffalo Exchange Buyer

Day in the Life of a Buffalo Exchange Buyer

By Jessica Pruitt, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Being a buyer for Buffalo Exchange is the most fun, rewarding job I’ve ever had. It’s also the hardest. I’ve come to see this as a winning combination. In fact, I credit my four plus years as a Buyer and Associate Manager for immense personal growth and lifelong friendships.

Training to be a Buyer

Buffalo Exchange Buyer

Training to be a Buyer is an ongoing process that lasts your entire career with Buffalo Exchange. To start out, new Buyers observe a trainer or Manager for several sessions before going hands-on. As they learn about the types of clothing that sell well for us and how to price it, they start to make decisions on their own. A trainer or manager is always right there with them to help them along the way.

It usually takes about three months for a Buyer to complete training, but in truth, the training never stops. Whether you’ve been a Buffalo Exchange Buyer for three months or three years, there are always new brands and new trends to learn about. This definitely means you have to stay on top of your development and be proactive about educating yourself.

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Buffalo Exchange Employee Athleisure Style

Athleisure Style: Associate Manager Dakota

By Buffalo Exchange Minneapolis

As a Buffalo Exchange shopper since 2004, Dakotah has long been devoted to recycled fashion and sustainability. Over the years, she’s developed her signature athleisure style while shopping at Buffalo. It should come as little surprise, then, that during one of her frequent shopping and selling trips, Dakotah was approached to join the team. She jumped at the opportunity!

A Career in Fashion

Dakotah began as a Buyer in February of 2015 and, as she learned more about brands, styles and trends, her passion for the resale clothing industry grew stronger than ever before. About a week before her one-year anniversary with Buffalo Exchange, an Associate Manager position opened. Dakotah decided to apply and, well, the rest is history!

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Buffalo Exchange New Year

Thank You for Another Great Year

As 2016 comes to a close, our thoughts turn to those who have made our success possible. Thank you and best wishes for the New Year to all of our wonderful Buffaloes – customers and employees alike! Here’s to 2017!

– Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Buffalo Exchange Tucson

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Buffalo Exchange Fashion Icon Game Night Iris Apfel Marie Antoinette Andy Warhol Paris Hilton Costume

Fashion Icon Game Night

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Like any other company, Buffalo Exchange has its share of meetings. But ours are actually fun. Not only do we dedicate an entire evening to game play, we can’t help but throw a dress-up element into the mix!  For our most recent game night, the dress-up theme was “fashion icon,” and attendees took that cue in many colorful directions. The past and present worlds of the fashion, film and music collided for one evening of fun that was not to be missed.

Buffalo Exchange Fashion Icon Costumes Game Night

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Buffalo Exchange Headquarters

Working at Buffalo Exchange: Meet Tristan, IT Department

By Buffalo Exchange HQ

Rediscovering Your Passion

Before coming at Buffalo Exchange, Tristan had long been working in the insurance industry.  The job paid well and it was a good, solid career path, but deep down, he knew he needed a change.  He still wanted to program adventure games and recreate Space Invaders like he did when he was 12 years old.  In his heart, he knew he had to get back to IT and put his degree in Computer Science to work.

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Buffalo Exchange Hollywood Employee Style 80s Denim Sneakers Ripped Vintage Jeans Souvenir Bomber Jacket

Finding a Job in Fashion: Meet Buffalo Exchange Buyer Alyx

By Buffalo Exchange Hollywood

Looking to find a job in fashion? We sat down with Buffalo Exchange Hollywood Buyer Alyx to find out what she loves about working for Buffalo Exchange and where she gets her style inspiration. She had dreamed of working for the company since high school and now takes daily inspiration from the amazing variety of clothing she gets to see in the store. Perhaps it’s this variety that makes her personal style so diverse!

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