Happy Five Year Anniversary, Ventura!

By Buffalo Exchange Ventura

While ringing in our five year anniversary we thought it was only suitable to interview a few of our regular customers.

Buffalo Exchange

Kristen Mayville

1. How long have you been shopping with us? Twenty years! I started shopping in the San Francisco Buffalo stores and now I shop here in Ventura.
2. What is your favorite Buffalo Exchange find? A pair of broken-in Frye boots that I found in one of the Portland stores.
3. How did you first hear about Buffalo? I moved to San Francisco right out of college and there was a Buffalo down the street.
4. What do you find yourself searching for every time you shop here? High quality pieces.
5. What do you tell your friends about us? It’s where I find everything!

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Congrats Songja, our 40th Anniversary $1000 Buffalo Exchange gift card winner!

Buffalo Exchange

Check out some of the fun items Songja found at our Somerville location!

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40th Tour: SF (Haight-Ashbury)

By Quinn Coats-Fitzhugh, Buffalo Exchange San Fran (Haight)

Buffalo Exchange

It was a beautiful day here in San Francisco, and the charm of our gorgeous 1969 Airstream trailer only added to the ambiance of our predominantly Victorian-style neighborhood. Tourists and locals alike were strolling along the sunny streets of the Haight-Ashbury District, at first timidly, then boldly poking their heads into our vintage pop-up shop to see what all the fuss was about! We had rows of things like colorful plaid Pendleton pieces for the gents, and a handsome gaggle of resin- and Bakelite-handled purses for the ladies. Young and old customers had fun playing dress up and reminisced about the days of polyester while listening to the music of our friend, (and member of the local band “Owl Paws”) Derek and his trusty guitar. We had a surprise visit from some very loyal friends of Buffalo Exchange, who were happy to help us celebrate 40 years of doing what we do best! Three of our former employees who were with us in the 1980s joined together from various corners of the globe (even from as far away as Australia) to check out the festivities! Everything went off without a hitch and we are sure to remember this special day for many years to come. We await our 50th anniversary with fashion-loving hearts!

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40th Tour: Berkeley

By Buffalo Exchange Berkeley

At the Berkeley store, we showcased the best of the best curated collection of vintage, one-of-a-kind, and western wear the East Bay has to offer. The Airstream was packed full of treasures that would make anyone’s wardrobe truly envy worthy, from 60s floral one-piece swimsuits to hand embroidered clutches. There was a little something for everyone to find that would fit nicely into their closets, from birdcage bonnets, fringe leather jackets, multicolored ponchos, and delicately layered petticoats. Go to staples in the Airstream were the multitude of belts and cowboy boots. Almost any style or color of embossed leather or beaded belt could be paired nicely with a Scully western shirt, Pendleton skirt, and pair of Justin Boots.

Buffalo Exchange employee serving up some popcorn.

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40th Tour: Eugene

By Buffalo Exchange Eugene

The sun shined down as we set up our Airstream for an exciting day full of vintage gems and western pieces! We are so fortunate to have our own parking lot right out front, which gave us an amazing (and convenient) space for our shop. Tons of our regular customers came to support their favorite Buffalos, and hunt for their own unique pieces to add to their wardrobe. Many people had their calendars marked, and even journeyed up to three hours to check out the goods we had. They found everything from a beaded fringed Scully jacket, to handmade vintage dresses, and cowboy boots galore! For regular customer, Harland, this was his fourth stop on our tour (he also hit both Tucson stores and Phoenix). Customers enjoyed some delicious cake, decked out in our beautiful Buffalo Exchange tattoo artwork, as well as drank refreshing Jumex fruit juices. It was a day filled with so much laughter, dancing, treasure hunting, and, of course, shopping.

Beautiful embroidery on a Buffalo Exchange employee's 40th Anniversary tour tee.

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40th Tour: Portland

By Josiah Earle and Amy Hjorth, Buffalo Exchange Portland (downtown)

buffalo exchange (1)

On its arrival to downtown Portland, our 40th Anniversary Airstream trailer was greeted by one of our warmest (and breeziest) days this year! Portland’s eclectic style was on parade with plenty of diverse customers visiting our vintage pop-up shop along with lots of furry friends! Our curated collection of classic and western wear pieces included amazing dresses of all eras, Hawaiian shirts, lots of embroidery, and even a pair of sixties roller skates! The celebration was extended beyond the trailer into our Burnside store with festive decorations and seventies trivia. Water Avenue Coffee and Hungry Heart provided refreshments and cupcakes to supplement our shoppers’ delights! Not only was it a beautiful day for Portland, it was also an exceptionally fun day for employees and customers alike. Happy Birthday Buffalo! Forty never looked so good!

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40th Tour: Bellingham

buffalo exchange (10)For our 40th Anniversary tour stop, Bellingham graced us with 59 degree weather without a cloud in the sky. The morning started slow, but picked up throughout the day. As customers and regulars hopped on our Airstream and shopped, “ohs” and “ahs” were heard all-around.

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40th Tour: Seattle (Ballard)

buffalo Exchange (5)Haven’t you “herd”? Ballard was the place to be Sunday! Everyone was out and about with beautiful spring bouquets from the farmers market, puppies, and vinyl from the local record stores—the perfect additions to a 70s-inspired look! Our Airstream trailer was ready to complete any 70s transformation with a colorful array of items: a blouse embroidered with strawberries, a peach floor-length kimono, and cowboy boots as far as the eye could see. Even a regular customer’s pooch, Abbi, went home with some fun southwestern handkerchiefs! Old and new shoppers alike were ecstatic to see the beautiful artwork adorning the trailer, learn more about our roots, and help themselves to some delicious cookies and cake! It was the perfect sunny Sunday to celebrate 40 treasure-filled years at Buffalo Exchange!

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40th Tour: Seattle (U-District)

buffalo exchange (4)

The sun was shining and the locals here in Seattle showed up in style for our 40th Anniversary celebration. Our trailer was jam-packed with unique and bold items from times past. Whether a hand braided horsehair belt or a hand tooled Gila monster depiction caught a customer’s eye, there was something for everyone. At one point in the day customers, friends, and strangers gathered for an impromptu Macarena dance-off. The fun was contagious, so was the interest in the trailer’s decor and the story behind its travels. Photos were snapped, laughs were had, and some even decked themselves out in vintage wares for mini-photo sessions. Even if you didn’t find that perfect dress or pair of boots, the delicious cake, snacks, and refreshments available kept the party going. All in all the Airstream’s time here was a success and a joy for locals and Buffalo Exchange regulars alike!

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40th Tour: Minneapolis

Buffalo Exchange (2)

Buffalo Exchange’s marvelous Airstream Land Yacht stopped in Minneapolis and featured a varied selection of western and vintage wear and gear. It was an honor to have our company’s founder , Kerstin Block, celebrating with us all-day! We were joined by some of our beloved regulars, Buffalo Exchange fans who came especially for the occasion, and curious passersby who stopped in just to see what we were up to! We welcomed everyone with fantastic donuts from a local favorite, and offered our shoppers everything from crocodile boots to western shirts, and belt buckles to vintage dresses. Grace G., a self-proclaimed Buffalo Exchange super fan, drove an hour and a half with her friends just to come to the event. Another veteran shopper, Katie L., had the date saved on her calendar for a month! All day long, customers stopped by to shop and let us know what the company means to them, and how Buffalo Exchange has played a part in their lives. The day was an absolute blast, a big success, and here’s to forty more great years!

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