Buffalo Exchange, Philadelphia, Grand Reopening Party

Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia Grand Re-opening Party!

Hello Philadelphia! On Saturday, March 24th, our Philadelphia store is throwing a grand re-opening party to celebrate our new location! We’ll be partying all day from 10am to 8pm, so come down and join us for fun fashion trivia, snacks, and giveaways like a BE bolsa or water bottle with purchases over $50 – there’s even a FREE drawing to win a prize pack that includes a Buffalo Exchange gift card! We can’t wait to see you there!

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Earth Day $1 Day Sale: Turning the Tide on Plastic Pollution!

Drumroll, please…this year’s Earth Day $1 Day Sale will be happening on Saturday, April 21, 2018! Shop a special selection of clothing for just $1 apiece to benefit The 5 Gyres Institute. All proceeds from the selection of $1 clothing will go to 5 Gyres in support of their efforts to research ocean plastic pollution and engage communities in responsible use, design and disposal of plastic materials. Help us turn the tide on plastic pollution – just by shopping! Don’t forget that the sale is cash only and that $1 items go quickly, so get there early, $1 bills in hand – oh, and don’t forget to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag). The sale will be taking place at all Buffalo Exchange locations, excluding outlets.

A gyre, pronounced jy-yure, is a ring-like oceanic current system. There are 5 subtropical gyres in the ocean (hence the non-profit’s name!) and in 2011, 5 Gyres discovered evidence of plastic in all of them. Since then, they have been studying how plastic travels to these gyres and the effects it has on marine ecosystems, wildlife and human health. The Institute has a wide variety of programs like their TrawlShare, their Plastics BAN (Better Alternatives Now) List and their Mi Mar educational initiative. We’re proud to be supporting The 5 Gyres Institute in these efforts!

Buffalo Exchange Portland Hawthorne Buying All Seasons

Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne) Buying the Best of All Seasons!

Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne) is in need of all kinds of current spring styles in good condition for men and women. Guys, bring in your button ups, lightweight jackets and basic or graphic tees. Ladies, we’re looking for great denim, tees and tanks.  Think bright, bold colors with short sleeves, fun prints and anything that reminds you winter is almost over and spring is coming! Keep in mind that we buy vintage, shoes and accessories, too!


Charlotte Agenda featured Buffalo Exchange in an article titled “5 men’s styles you can create at Buffalo Exchange, and how much each costs” on 2/27/18. “Buffalo Exchange buys and sells pre-loved clothes from select brands. We’re talking heavy hitters of hipness, like H&M, Forever 21, Converse, and Nike. Buffalo Exchange’s proximity to the cultural heartbeat of the city brings in a constant rotation of sellers. This means you’re going to encounter cooler finds and better deals more often than your average thrift store.”

Buffalo Exchange Sell By Mail Clean Out, Cash In Sell Clothes Online

Clean Out, Cash In: 6 Tips to Sell Clothes Online

If you’re already thinking about that spring closet cleanout, make it easy on yourself. With Buffalo Exchange’s Sell By Mail program, you can spend less time selling your past fashion favorites and more time actually getting organized (or, you know, going on a sweet spring picnic)! So, without further ado, we bring you our top tips to easily sell clothes online. Within a few weeks, you could have cash or trade in your hands! No waiting in line required.

1. Request a bag now!

It’s easy to get started – just request a Sell By Mail kit! Soon, a bright yellow envelope will arrive in your mailbox. Your kit will contain a prepaid U.S.shipping bag and a helpful “How To Sell” card with all the info you need to know to sell clothes online through Buffalo Exchange.

The best part is, once you have a Sell By Mail bag on hand, you can clean out your closet at your own pace. Use getting dressed as a daily check-up for your closet. If you find that you just never reach for it or have replaced it with a new favorite, toss it in! That darling dress you bought on a whim that’s gathering dust? Into your Sell By Mail bag it goes! Before you know it, your bag will be full and your closet will be that much happier.

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Buffalo Exchange Washington DC Buying Spring Menswear

Buffalo Exchange Washington DC Is Buying Spring Menswear!

Hey Washington DC! Buffalo Exchange DC is in need of fresh styles for guys! Do some spring cleaning of your wardrobe and bring us past favorites like gently worn shorts and shirts. Trade in for some must-have items or leave with cash in your pocket. Don’t forget, we’re always buying closet classics like denim and sneakers. See you soon!

Buffalo Exchange Denver Buying Spring and All Seasons

Buffalo Exchange Denver is Buying the Best of All Seasons!

Denver, we need your clothes! If you’re spring cleaning your closet, bring us the things you once loved but no longer wear and trade them in for cash or store credit. We’re currently buying the best of all seasons, which means we’ll take a look at your winter coats and summer shorts at the same time. Don’t hesitate, drop in today!