Behind the Scenes: Fall/Winter Zine

Buffalo Exchange

It’s true! The next issue of the Buffalo Exchange Zine is here! Featuring fall and winter styles, DIYs and loads of inspiration, this issue is guaranteed to get you excited for the change of season. Here’s a look at the making of our Fall/Winter 2013 Zine. Pick up your copy today at your local Buffalo Exchange.

Buffalo Exchange (8)Linda (BX Portland) styles our cover shoot!

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Buffalo Exchange ZINE s/s 2013

Buffalo Exchange (6)Hitting stores this week is the 4th issue of the Buffalo Exchange Zine. This Spring/Summer edition includes beautiful editorials from coast to coast along with DIY tips and tricks. You’ll preview some of this season’s hottest trends and then download free music from one of Portland’s unique folk bands. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. Pick up your copy this week at your local Buffalo Exchange!

Check out some of our behind the scenes!

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Have A Seat

Buffalo ExchangeBuffalo Exchange Dallas employee Karla Gallegos artistically painted over a once “sad” bench to a Buffalo themed day on the range. We took a moment to ask her a few questions! Full Story

Buffalo Exchange recommended by Used York City


Buffalo Exchange recommended by Used York City in “Buffalo Exchange Offers New Yorkers Clean Closets + Cash” on January 8, 2013: “This past Sunday I set out on a mission to [kill] jumpstart two resolutions with one stone: de-clutter my closets and be a master budgeter. … Recruit a friend to help carry, hop on the train, and head to Buffalo Exchange. … Trade clothes for cash or gift cards.  Buffalo Exchange accepts clothes that fit the current season, and also looks for certain items at certain times.  (Boots, chunky sweaters, and anything layerable are currently all the rage.) … Raise your glass in a toast to cleaning out your closet and being a rockstar budgeter in 2013! Cheers!”

Amy’s Thanks

Person with Cat   Every year, around this time, we are always asked to look back and think about what we are thankful for.  Everyone that knows me knows that I’m not the serious type but more of the sarcastic, joking type.  But I thought I would take this assignment a little more serious than usual, emphasis on the little. When thinking about what I’m thankful for the first thing that came to mind was how fortunate I am for having a steady job that I’m not constantly worrying whether I will have it tomorrow or not. I’m not trying to boost up Buffalo Exchange any more than it needs to be, oh wait, that’s exactly what I’m doing! But for reals, I truly do love my job and the things I have been able to accomplish and overcome throughout my four and half years of employment with Buffalo.  My top favorite memories would have to include meeting Spencer Block (co-founder of Buffalo Exchange) and knowing what an inspirational man he was, as well as his dislike for hand sanitizer! Another was going on a wholesale buy trip to Las Vegas WSA shoe show, with our company buyer.  That was a day of jet-setting and fast paced decisions that helped me realize I was in the right company. The last would have to be my staff and management team! I have been in management for about a year and half now, and I truly love the people I work with and the things that we can accomplish as a team.  See everybody, look at the amazing things you can do if you work for Buffalo! Full Story

Josiah’s Thanks

Family Photo                When I think about what I’m thankful for, the easiest and truest thing for me to express is my appreciation for my family, especially my parents. Throughout my upbringing and early adult life, my Mom Cindy and Father Maury have offered me and my three brothers unwavering support and encouragement to pursue our interests without pushing us to achieve success in areas that weren’t our true desires. I feel so fortunate to call my parents close friends. Though they live halfway across the country in Topeka, Kansas, I enjoy staying in touch with them and hearing about the latest family affairs on frequent phone conversations. They’re also always willing to send me odds and ends that I forgot at their house when I moved to Portland two years ago.Full Story

Collecting the Past: Kristin Roth

Collecting is an art and a passion. For former Buffalo Exchange employee Kristin Roth, collecting is a lifestyle. Kristin has unbeatable collections of vintage sunglasses and antique sprinkler heads, but nothing compares to her collection of Bakelite pieces and her memories of how she attained each item. Kristin allowed us to interview and showcase her collecting in our Fall/Winter 2012 Zine. Watch this video for an extended look at her collection.
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InstagramWe know that not everyone is on instagram. So in case you missed it here’s a recap of some of our favorite instagram photos from the past few weeks! You can follow us at @buffaloexchange Full Story

A Buffalo Start: Max von Isser

Max Von IsserMost times it’s random happenings that propel you into a new direction in life. For one of our customer, Max von Isser, the random happening started at Buffalo Exchange. We sat down with Max and asked him about how this all happened and the life style of a high fashion model.Full Story