DIY Holiday Sweaters: Cac-tis’ The Season!

Savy and Marcella wearing DIY Cactus Sweaters

By Marcella Willden & Savy Kroop

The holiday season is here, which means it’s time to take your favorite sweaters out of your closet and rock them at all of the holiday parties! Don’t want to repeat the same look from last year? Buffalo Exchange has your back! Stop into your local Buffalo for tons of cute and cozy options. OR, if you’re you feeling a little crafty, you can try DIY-ing your own holiday sweater. This festive cactus sweater is a fun twist on a traditional holiday sweater that we’re sure will have you looking ON-POINT this season!

Marcella and Savy crafting their sweaters

What You’ll Need to DIY Your Cactus Holiday Sweaters

The first (and maybe obvious) step is to get a sweater! You can sift through your closet to find one you don’t wear anymore or you can stop by your local Buffalo Exchange to pick one up – like we did! We found these cute, coordinating gray sweaters with statement sleeves for extra festive flair. While we were out-and-about, we stopped into the dollar store to get all of our crafting supplies. In total, we spent about $30 on this project for both sweaters and it only took about 30 minutes from start to finish. We had so much fun DIY-ing these sweaters that I think we found a new holiday tradition!


Sweater, Felt, Pom pom balls, Pipe cleaners, Hot glue gun and glue sticks, Scissors, Marker, Optional: Other crafty supplies like ribbon and glitter

Savy cutting out felt for cactus

Marcella cutting out felt for cactus

Step one:

Before you start, we recommend plugging in your hot glue gun so it’s ready to go when it’s time to start gluing! While your hot glue gun is warming up, you can start drawing a cactus on a piece of paper. If drawing isn’t your forte, we suggest using a pencil and pulling up a picture of a cactus for reference – as they say, CACTUS makes perfect. Once you’ve perfected your cactus on paper, cut it out and place it on the felt to use as a guide. Then, begin tracing your cactus and cut it out of the felt!

Step Two:

Now, it’s time to start decorating your cactus in whatever festive way you want! Pop on some holiday tunes to get in the holiday spirit (our favorite is Present Without a Bow – Kasey Musgaves, Leon Bridges) and get creative! You can use pom-poms to add pops of color, twist and bend pipe cleaners to mimic tinsel or even add some shine with a sprinkle (or two) of glitter – it’s up to you!

Step Three:

Once your cactus is decorated to your liking, grab your hot glue gun and glue the cactus to your sweater. After it’s attached, you can add some finishing touches like pom poms to the sweater’s collar/sleeves or write a punny saying with pipe cleaners!


With a DIY holiday sweater like this one, you’ll be looking pretty SHARP at your next holiday party. If you don’t have time to get crafty and DIY your own sweater – no problem! Head over to your local Buffalo Exchange to pick up an awesome, ready-to-go holiday sweater. PLUS, while you’re there, you can cross holiday shopping off your to-do list. Shop the racks for amazing one-of-a-kind gifts like vintage and designer pieces, check out our fun stocking stuffers or grab a Buffalo Exchange gift card for all of your shopping buddies! Now through December 24, you’ll receive a reusable tote bag with every gift card purchase of $50 or more in-store. Ho-Ho-Howdy Holidays! PS: Scroll down to watch us DIY this sweater on IGTV!