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Buffalo Exchange New Orleans Buffalo Gal Adventures

By Kaitlyn, Buffalo Exchange New Orleans

On Christmas Eve my great friend and I boarded (my first ever) an international flight to London—full of excitement and carrying a luggage full of Buffalo Exchange (NOLA) outfits. Read on to see my favorite street style and shops I visited along the way.

Our first stop was to visit the Queen of England’s home and to walk around her beautiful lawns. The weather in London (a good 20 degrees difference from the weather back home in the South) was lovely. Boxing Day is one of the most popular retail days in the U.K. and we took full advantage of these deals.

Buffalo Exchange New Orleans 1

The streets were packed with pedestrians left and right. We visited the Oxford Street LUSH and were given a unique tour of their one-of-a-kind spa, which was completely enchanting. I also found a great haul of vintage pieces from “Beyond Vintage” located just behind LUSH. The owner told us that he actually found most of his stock from the United States! Another great store I visited while in London was Cath Kidston—I found all of her prints so unique and beautiful. I would recommend this shop to anyone who is a fan of vintage/retro styles. I also noticed the style in London was very laid back, featuring mostly street styles; everyone had a nice pair of sneakers on. Dark washed denim and a mix of blue-hued outerwear seemed to be the normal street look for this overcast city.

Buffalo Exchange New Orleans 2

Our next stop was Paris. We spent the first day touring the Eiffel Tour and climbing all of the steps to the 3rd floor, where we ice skated as the sun was setting. This was by far one of my favorite experiences on the trip. For the next two days we toured the city’s museums and churches on a sightseeing bus. I noticed the local style of Paris was better, yet simple. No one really donned bright colors, but they also dressed more formally than I had seen in London. Polished heels and designer coats were common on the street and dark sleek cuts filled every store window.

Buffalo Exchange New Orleans 3

It was interesting being able to travel to two places so very different from New Orleans. I returned to Buffalo Exchange with a widened horizon on European street style and an interest to better notice and observe our local style.