Tucson Lifestyle featured Buffalo Exchange's President and Vice President

Buffalo Exchange mom and daughter pair Kerstin and Rebecca Block, were recently featured in the Up Front, Notable section for ‘Frock in Trade’ in the March 2013 issue of prominent Tucson magazine, Tucson Lifestyle.

Starting a business can be a daunting task. Imagine failing to learn new skills, losing your job, and raising a family. For Kerstin Block, those past failures would soon become successful achievements with an idea to open a unique clothing store. In a recent interview with Tucson Lifestyle, Buffalo Exchange president, Kerstin Block revealed “I love to shop, and I have the rummaging/digging instinct.” Her addiction to thrift stores and swap meets naturally helped her and Spencer Block to open the first Buffalo Exchange in 1974 in an old union office across from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. Today Kerstin and her daughter, Rebecca, run the family business with 48 stores in 17 states. Through the decades, Buffalo Exchange has become a thriving resale fashion retailer. In the interview Kerstin and Rebecca discuss how they have maintained the business over the years: “We have worked very hard to remain fashion-oriented,” said Rebecca, “Buffalo Exchange is very unique—you never know what you are going to find!” “We go by style rather than brand name,” noted Kerstin, “We are very honest with our customer about what an item will sell for,” Rebecca added.