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By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange HQ

You might assume that a company with 48 (soon to be 50) retail locations nationwide would be headquartered in a glossy corporate high-rise. Not Buffalo Exchange. Heck, you could easily walk right past our headquarters without even noticing it. That’s because no one expects a company this large to be housed in, well, a house. Actually, seven of ‘em. Come see the neighborhood that makes up Buffalo Exchange HQ.

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The company began as a 400 square foot store in Tucson, Arizona back in 1974, and Tucson has remained our home base ever since. A lone corner house served as the offices until the one next door became available — then the one next to it; eventually the company owned seven adjoining houses. The fences were removed, resulting in one giant back yard. Each house is home to a different department – human resources in one house, next door to marketing, next door to administration, etc.

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As the company outgrew those houses it branched out to additional locations in the same neighborhood. A former mining company building serves as home to our accounting and I.T. staff, while a small strip mall houses our warehouse crew and purchasing department. While electric-powered carts are available for hauling materials, the three locations all remain within walking distance.

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Each month the headquarters shuts down for a couple hours as its 70 or so employees gather together for a shared lunch, as well as some combination of playful presentations, crafts, and games. No, it may not seem as initially impressive as a glossy corporate high-rise, but this low-key, relaxed atmosphere makes for a company that people enjoy working for and want to remain with.

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  1. Love the uniqueness that allows the company to stand out from other retail businesses. I love how everything is connected and employees are allowed to build relationships through team building activities and events every month. Team diversity and loyalty and great customer service is key for any organization. Love it!

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