The Goods at Buffalo Exchange Astoria

Buffalo Exchange Astoria Goods

By: Casey Shreiner, Buffalo Exchange Astoria

As summer rolls along, great pieces are making their way to the Buffalo Exchange Astoria. Exciting and stylish apparel is always a staple at Buffalo, but with the transition back to school on its way, we’ve been seeing some of the cutest leather accessories, men’s streetwear, vintage and even sterling silver fly past the buy counter and onto the racks. What are these extraordinary sartorial finds, you ask? Read below to find out!

Reason Menswear items

Buffalo Exchange Astoria Menswear

These colorful Reason snapback hats, complete with a trendy metallic sheen, are mixing up the day-to-day streetwear game. This Pollock-esque camo jacket toughens up the look while remaining fresh and playful.

Floral bomber

Buffalo Exchange Astoria Bomber

With this vibrant blue and red bomber, we’re happy that fall is on its way. Paired with a simple jeans and T-shirt or dressed up with heels and a simple black dress, this jacket is sure to make any outfit shine.

Bumblebee Jeans

Buffalo Exchange Astoria Jeans

As the flowers keep blooming around Buffalo Exchange Astoria, the bees keep buzzing – even on these adorable slim-leg, embroidered jeans. Perfect for any visit to the botanical gardens you might have coming up before that autumn chill hits!

90s T-shirts

Buffalo Exchange Astoria Tees

Make any outfit effortlessly cool with some of these retro men’s tees. Whether you want a more rugged vibe from famed T-shirt brand The Mountain or something more whimsical like a Mickey Mouse tee, these retro finds are undeniably cool and fun to style.

Kate Spade Bag

Buffalo Exchange Astoria Kate Spade

Who wants some ice cream? Everyone knows that a large chocolate cone goes best with a striped Kate Spade shoulder bag featuring the color of the season – pink!

Vintage dress

Buffalo Exchange Astoria Vintage

This vintage lilac dress came straight out of 1965 Northern California, throwing out some trendy prairie-style vibes with a detailed lace bodice and puffed sleeves.

Marc Jacobs Shoes

Buffalo Exchange Astoria Marc Jacobs

We may not have made it back to the moon yet, but with these Marc Jacobs sneakers from Buffalo Exchange Astoria, you’ll be spacewalking in no time!

Sterling Rings

Buffalo Exchange Astoria Rings

We’re all about gems on gem. Here are several of our sterling beauties on top of some other-worldly geode coasters.

Coming into Buffalo Exchange Astoria doesn’t only mean finding great deals on great stuff – it also means seeing the coolest, most unique and most exciting designer and vintage items on a daily basis.  We love looking at what people bring in because it means we get a glimpse into our customers’ past favorites and give them new life for someone else. So come in to sell your denim, tees, basics, dresses, vintage, pants, one-of-a-kind pieces, accessories and so much more. While you’re here, why not take a look around the store yourself? You just might find your next most fabulous find!