Buckle Up!

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange Tempe

I just caught a glimpse—a shiny flash of red and gold peeking out from under his western shirt. So after asking to see the vintage belt buckle of longtime Buffalo customer Will Feher, I inquired if he had any others. Boy, did he.

Buffalo Exchange customer's buckle collection continued.

Will hands me the enormous glass jar that houses his collection—far more than are shown here. I come to discover that none of the buckles were acquired through antique stores or eBay, “Some are from Buffalo, but the bulk are just from thrift stores. I got most of ‘em for a buck or two.”

A Buffalo Exchange customer's buckle collection.

“The harder part,” Will continued, “is finding belts. Very few these days actually unsnap at the end to allow the buckles to come on and off—most are permanently riveted together. So I wind up going with vintage belts too, which is fine by me. Hand-tooled belts are always better.”

Buffalo Exchange customer buckle collection.

I asked him about his preference for leaving his shirts untucked (and his buckles hidden). “I’m not a tucked-in-shirt kind of guy, and the buckles do their job whether other people see them or not. I know I’m wearing ‘em – and that’s enough.”