Boots for Every Outfit

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By Buffalo Exchange Fullerton

During the spring cleaning season, the first thing people assume is that it’s time to replace their boots with sandals. However, boots are no longer a style that only applies to the colder seasons. A shoe that was once built for durability is now a fashion staple. Whether you’re going to an outdoor concert, running errands, or spending a night out on the town, there is a perfect boot for every unique style and occasion.

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A bohemian ankle boot is an essential for the music festivals that happen during the spring/summer months (fringe is still very in this season). Distressed leather elevates this style to be worn year-round.

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For a more alternative style, Doc Martens are still a top seller. However, the eclectic studding makes this shoe not only a treasure to find, but can still be easily worn with a spring dress or evening pants.

So, when the spring cleaning is all done, save those fall-inspired boots, and pair them with your spring styles and colors! Instead of feeling the desire to get rid of everything according to the season, use what you have and make your boots a classic spring shoe for your own personal style!