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Body Con for the Body Conscious

Body Con DressesOn the rise comes a trend that lacks any forgiving quality. Body con hugs every curve and clings to the body so tightly that it detours some of the trendiest fashion lovers. But we should not fear this trend; instead we should embrace a love of our curves and a knowledge of how to compliment the tight with the layered.

body con1


A simple and easy answer of how to wear this trend without bearing it all is a classic denim or chambray shirt. Roll the sleeves to make it look effortless and accessorize with engineer boots for a tough edge.

Body Con 3


To make a statement choose a brightly colored body con dress and layer with a semi-sheer extreme high low. When you walk you’ll leave a flowy trail of chiffon behind you and a subtle silhouette will shine lightly through.

Body Con 2


Lastly, keep it casual with an oversized crop top. If you go with a muscle tee embrace a patterned version. It’ll not only be a bold bottom but if the arm holes of your tee are stretched enough, you’ll get the pattern to peek through the top.

So there you have it, body con can be loved and worn by all. It’s all just a matter of layering, accessorizing and confidence. But isn’t fashion always that way? Happy dressing fashion lovers.