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Blossoming Accessories Trends for Spring 2013

Buffalo ExchangeIf your body were a flower, then your accessories would be your petals and flowers bloom in Spring, so what better time to flaunt your Spring trends by adding a flourish to your accoutrement, are we right or are we right? Right, we thought so. To get you started, here are a few trends we’ve noticed blossoming in the great North West at Portland’s downtown Buffalo Exchange…

Buffalo ExchangeClass up your arm candy (and we mean bags, not ladies) with traditional textile details. Techniques such as needle point, tapestry weaving and brocade are being featured in runway shows and street style mavens are taking notice. Incorporate a vintage piece or a modern repro to your ensemble.

Buffalo ExchangeIf you’re a more down to earth personality, why not accessorize with something that comes from the earth, say, geodes? These beauties are fun to hunt for, but if you’d rather skip the hard part and just wear them, pick up a chunky pendant specimen or ditch your cocktail ring for a slice of ancient planet earth to decorate your fingies.

Buffalo ExchangeThe cameo is an ancient trend utilized throughout history, but gained popularity in the late 19th century by carving shell to depict the human figure. This demure and delicate style is being picked up again and while you may not be willing to sit long enough for someone to carve your own visage, you can time warp your style by wearing a found version.

Buffalo ExchangeCrosses aren’t just for church anymore. Lady Gaga and Ke$ha have popularized this emblem as a popular culture phenomenon even further. Various depictions are featured on all kinds of apparel, but we like them best in varying sizes and shapes on these pieces of jewelry. Mixing metals is also a hot trend these days, so don’t be afraid to wear them all together!

Buffalo ExchangeOf course, if you’re an uptown girl, you can never go wrong with a classic Louis Vuitton. These pieces add a classic, chic and timeless element to your Spring wardrobe (perhaps your favorite nautical themed outfit?)

So, we say don’t be afraid to plant these ideas in the garden of your jewelry box and accessories shelf! Bloom, our pretties, bloom!