Best Father’s Day Gift = Shopping!

Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks employee and her father for Father's Day blog.

By Liz, Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks

Father’s Day, that treasured Hallmark tradition of celebrating dad with grand parties and declarations of love. For my family this usually means watching a nine hour Star Wars marathon on TNT. Picking out gifts for my dad is completely futile. He’s never actually used anything I’ve given him. As I type this I can see the complete box set of Indiana Jones movies on laserdisc that I gave him in 1999…still in their plastic wrap.

I’ve always wanted to find a way to better bond with my dad. He enjoys the simpler things in life, like falling asleep in the middle of every movie he’s ever watched, or pouring the crumbs at the bottom of a potato chip bag directly into his mouth.

But if there’s one thing he has truly never enjoyed, it’s shopping, especially clothes shopping. Alas, this is possibly my favorite thing. As fascinating as it was to watch my dad cry when Derek Jeter retired, our attempts to bond over the Yankees were less than successful, so in the spirit of Fathers’ Day I decided we were going to try my thing. We’re going shopping together.

Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks employee's father for Father's Day blog.

I expected my dad to do the typical “male accompanying a female shopper” thing, where he stares off into space dreaming of being at home watching Sportscenter. Surprisingly, my dad was cooperative this time. I personal-shopped the Sherman Oaks Buffalo Exchange for every possible thing my dad could fit into. I stayed outside the fitting room to approve each look one at a time and had a super fun, dad fashion show. We ended up with a sporty Nike jacket and some J. Crew button-ups that my dad was legitimately into.

Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks employee's father for Father's Day blog.

So it seems like maybe dads and the rest of mankind doesn’t hate shopping. They just hate watching other people shop. Though by the end of the trip my dad was sitting in a chair, arms loaded with women’s garments, (like my mom and I are just going to be in Buffalo Exchange NOT letting my dad buy us stuff?) we all left happy, with good memories, and garments for all!