In the Bag: Easy Steps for Taking Your Store-Bought Costume from Drab to Fab

By Buffalo Exchange New Orleans

We’ve all bought them – the easy costumes that come in a bag, all accessories included. They look great in the picture, but come Halloween night, it always feels like something’s missing.  So, how to make an average packaged costume into an award-winning one that’ll make you the talk of the party?

First, start with a bagged costume. We used one called “Heaven Sent.” Second, get to brainstorming. Imagine all of the things it could become if you added a few accessories. We recommend taking your main piece shopping with you so you can play around with different ideas.

Buffalo Exchange New Orleans Halloween Costume


For our first costume, we went for something that truly feels heaven-sent – a winged fairy. To get this look, simply add feathered wings, throw on a crinoline or tutu under the dress for extra volume, and accessorize with angelic silver flats and pom poms. Magical!

Buffalo Exchange DIY Fairy Halloween Costume


Everyone loves unicorns, so you can’t go wrong with this one. Pick up a unicorn headband or make your own, then add some rainbow striped leggings and colorful shoes. The more color, the better!

Buffalo Exchange New Orleans Unicorn DIY Halloween Costume


It seems like the holidays happen earlier and earlier every year, so why not start now? Go the way of Will Ferrell this Halloween and enjoy the holiday season year-round! To make this bagged costume into an elf, add a red sequin tank top or red corset, green leggings and a green wig. Bonus points for wearing a blinking holiday lights necklace or for handing out milk and cookies all night.

Buffalo Exchange New Orleans DIY Halloween Elf Costume

Greek Goddess

Go Grecian by adding a gold rope belt, a golden armband and a statement necklace. This costume only takes a few extra pieces to add a whole lot of flair. Opa!

Buffalo Exchange New Orleans Greek Goddess DIY Halloween Costume

Snow Bunny 

For our last look, we turned our packaged costume into an adorable snow bunny by adding a cropped faux fur jacket, Ariana Grande-style lace ears and thigh high boots. Over-the-knee boots are the footwear du jour this season, so you’ve probably been meaning to add these to your wardrobe anyways. Last up, don’t forget a fluffy bunny tail! Simply use cotton balls and hot glue to add one to the back of the dress. Hop to it!

Buffalo Exchange New Orleans DIY Snow Bunny Halloween Costume