Back-To-School Trends

By Cyan Estevez, Buffalo Exchange Astoria

Photos by Heather David

As summer days slowly draw towards their end, we may find ourselves beginning to shed an internal (perhaps even actual) tear for the long sun drenched days and sweet magical nights ahead. Before we allow ourselves to take a moment of silence, let’s give praise for the equally enchanting moments that fall will bring, particularly for this year’s back-to-school trends.

Buffalo Exchange

The 70s trend that has crept into our 21st century isn’t close to showcasing its last dance. Don’t be daunted by the throwback Thursday pics of your relatives. You can embrace the ethereal beauty of the era’s fringe, flared high-waist bottoms, and delicate displays of crocheted pieces in full force. Look to incorporate certain aspects into your modern persona. Suede has a luxurious feel that’s sure to keep you warm on the chillier days, but it can also up the appeal of your go-to garment of choice or classic varsity jacket. That jock may be promoting school spirit with his letterman, but you’re the true MVP when you sport this trendy lovechild. If you value the look of more understated outfits then relish in this season’s use of minimalism. Neutral colors or black and white gives rise to clean lines through paired down pieces that have straightforward cuts. When these elements are paired with nude or tan garments, it instantly creates a polished look with added dimensionality—a wingman to the central color of your OOTD.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

On the opposite spectrum, people who enjoy standout prints will become enamored with the decadence that can be found with brocade. The gilded design has leaped from the threads of vintage home décor and into ready-to-wear. For first-timers who are trying to expand into uncharted printed territory, keep the rest of your look simple. Personalize this runway trend with a down-to-earth approach by incorporating classic denim. High-collars and trails of lace are embodied through the rise of the Neo-Victorian trend. Spice up that fall flannel with a lace top or dress to channel your moody romantic nature. Rich jewel-toned hues of wine and navy may complement the rose tinge to anyone’s windblown cheeks.

Let’s not forgot about footwear. Chunky heeled boots have currently replaced the coveted thin stiletto. Look for a pair that hits the ankles or mid-calf. There’s an allure to wearing a platform or flatform shoe that can transform your daring attitude from day to night. Wear them with muted shades and a vampy lip for grunge appeal or morph that sweet baby doll dress into an endless conversation starter.

Buffalo Exchange

Start the school year with a fresh outlook on your personal fashion favorites. When the end of August hits, don’t let the slow fade of your summer glow to diminish your spark, which will surely reignite when you rock these breathtaking fall trends.

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