Spotlight on Austin Nonprofits: TreeFolks

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By Amelia Gotobed, Buffalo Exchange HQ

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees. Instead, it takes an outpouring of community support to run Texas non-profit TreeFolks. Trees are essential to our environment, cleaning our air and water and providing habitat for wildlife. That’s why TreeFolks works so hard to plant trees in Texas. And that’s why Buffalo Exchange Austin is proud to sponsor TreeFolks as one of the three Austin nonprofits in our Tokens for Bags® program.

What is TreeFolks?

Austin Nonprofit TreeFolks

Established in 1989, TreeFolks has planted 1 million trees in the urban Austin area, cultivating better air quality and shelter from the hot Texas sun. TreeFolks engages thousands of volunteers to help plant trees in community areas like parks, preserves and schoolyards. TreeFolks also helps with reforestation efforts in the wake of natural disasters. This is one of the only Austin nonprofits that promotes comprehensive urban forestry.

Tree Teachings: Why TreeFolks is One of the Top Austin Nonprofits

TreeFolks also provides comprehensive, research-based tree education. These educational opportunities, which use the urban forest as a classroom, are available to the public all year round, free of charge. TreeFolks’ educational programs serve the diverse population of Central Texas, allowing them to connect with and learn about the trees that are to vital to our lives. From Tree Adventures, which involves bike rides and tree climbs, to Sapling Days, during which thousands of baby trees are planted, this Austin nonprofit’s programs include something for everyone.

Creating Homes

TreeFolks has also undertaken a major effort to bring the Lost Pines of Bastrop County home again. In 2011, fires devastated the area and made the once-rich forest community barren. Since then, TreeFolks has provided free reforestation services to the community, helping bring natural wildlife back to the area. The human residents benefit from living alongside these trees, as well, enjoying shade and a deeper connection to the natural world.

Through outreach and education, TreeFolks is able to bring about a better environment for humans, animals and trees alike. We’re happy to be a part of this through our Tokens for Bags® program. Help us support one of the top Austin nonprofits just by shopping at Buffalo Exchange Austin. With every purchase, instead of getting a plastic bag, you’ll get a 5 cent token to donate to TreeFolks or one of the other local charities currently being sponsored. For more information, check out TreeFolks’ websiteand consider volunteering your time to plant a tree!