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Art by E Upcycled Art

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By Inara E., Buffalo Exchange HQ

Upcycling takes something old and reimagines it in a fresh way. So it’s no surprise that, after stops in San Diego, Seattle and Portland, upcycling artist Eric Osborne recently moved back to the town he grew up in, Tucson, to reimagine art in a fresh way. He creates his pieces by recycling skateboards, aluminum cans, old metal, or whatever comes his way. Always loving the challenge of discovering new materials to work with, he finds the objects he uses everywhere – sometimes they even seem to find him. To Eric, it’s all about keeping an open mind.

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“I feel like I’ve always been creative, but became serious about my art after I stopped playing in bands and still needed that creative outlet—about 1997. My art inspirations are varied. I love bright blue skies, kick ass sushi, my wife, two children, music… and passion in general.”

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Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Seattle’s Scott Fife are just a few of the artists that ignite Eric’s creative motivation.

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“Working with preexisting materials poses a nice challenge. Taking an old skateboard or tin can you find lying in the street and creating something beautiful out of it that people are willing to spend their hard earned money on is a great feeling.”

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Follow Eric and his art adventures on Facebook @EricArtbyeOsborne.

His artwork is also available for purchase through Pop-Cycle Tucson.