Amy’s Thanks

Person with Cat   Every year, around this time, we are always asked to look back and think about what we are thankful for.  Everyone that knows me knows that I’m not the serious type but more of the sarcastic, joking type.  But I thought I would take this assignment a little more serious than usual, emphasis on the little. When thinking about what I’m thankful for the first thing that came to mind was how fortunate I am for having a steady job that I’m not constantly worrying whether I will have it tomorrow or not. I’m not trying to boost up Buffalo Exchange any more than it needs to be, oh wait, that’s exactly what I’m doing! But for reals, I truly do love my job and the things I have been able to accomplish and overcome throughout my four and half years of employment with Buffalo.  My top favorite memories would have to include meeting Spencer Block (co-founder of Buffalo Exchange) and knowing what an inspirational man he was, as well as his dislike for hand sanitizer! Another was going on a wholesale buy trip to Las Vegas WSA shoe show, with our company buyer.  That was a day of jet-setting and fast paced decisions that helped me realize I was in the right company. The last would have to be my staff and management team! I have been in management for about a year and half now, and I truly love the people I work with and the things that we can accomplish as a team.  See everybody, look at the amazing things you can do if you work for Buffalo!                 Since I got the necessary gloating of employment at Buffalo Exchange out of the way, how ‘bout we talk cats.  I couldn’t and wouldn’t live without my cats and I am forever thankful for them.  I tend to consider myself a cat lady, and yes that will be my Halloween costume next year!  I’m also one of those cat mothers that pick favorites, so don’t judge me for it.  My pride and joy is my little one year old kitty, Rilo Kiley Hjorth. I have an obsession with fluffy fat animals, and while Rilo isn’t super fat yet, she is totally fluffy, and she definitely has her fur pants on! She’s super sweet and acts just like me. The other one is Kathe (pronounced Katie) Kolwitz Knipe.  She’s also a Maine Coon, which means two of my favorite things; big and fluffy! She’s kind of a ham and loves attention, which is why she comes second in line. No one can compete with me for attention! Just kidding, but really.

T Shirt               I couldn’t talk about what I’m thankful for without talking about my favorite clothing find from Buffalo Exchange. I would say that I’m most proud and thankful for my vintage tee collection; mainly consisting of Harley Davidson and Michael Jackson tees. I have about six Harley tees, ranging from 1974-1986.  They are all super unique and have just enough difference that the collection doesn’t seem repetitive. My Michael Jackson tees are just as amazing if not more; I have two Thriller tees that are to die for and my ultimate favorites. I then have a Beat It tee and one of Michael’s face! So, if anyone out there has awesome tees they want to get rid of that fit along with what I have, you know where to sell those bad boys!

On a serious note, I hope you all take the time to appreciate the things that you have and the memories that you have gained.  Whether they are big or small, everyone has something to be thankful for.  Even if it’s for turkey, who doesn’t love turkey? Or tofurkey for that matter. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

-Amy, Buffalo Exchange Portland