Meet a Buffalo: Amy’s Personal Style Evolution

By Savannah Timpani and Amy Donegan, Buffalo Exchange HQ

At Buffalo Exchange, we’re all about personal style. Each of us has our own unique fashion journey, so we talked to Amy Donegan, an Administrative Assistant who has worked at Buffalo Exchange Headquarters for 7 years. She tells us how her style has evolved over the years!

How would you describe your personal style?

Up until a little while ago, I was unaware that I had my own personal style. Being the youngest girl growing up, I received a lot of hand-me-downs. I didn’t mind because my sisters had the coolest style and still do. Now, I would say my personal style is very eclectic. I pick my outfits depending on my mood that day. Some of my favorite looks are western (love my cowboy boots!), boho or just classic black and white. I always strive to express an understated elegance in whatever I wear.

Buffalo Exchange Meet a Buffalo Amy

What spurred your style evolution?

In 2015, I lost a significant amount of weight and really tried to explore and embrace different pieces that I never would have thought of wearing before. It’s wonderful working for a company that encourages you to express your individuality and personal style. While my sizes were changing, Buffalo was a great place to trade my clothes in for a fresh wardrobe! Plus, there’s such a wide variety of brands and styles that I really had the chance to figure out my own unique personal style.

Buffalo Exchange Employee Amy

What is different about your personal style now?

My clothes are much more vibrant! Before, I did wear color, but I more often gravitated towards black and grey. I still wear those colors, but now I pair them with bright patterns. I also have lots of fun with accessories. A hat, scarf or jewelry can add flair to any outfit.

Buffalo Exchange Employee Amy Donegan

What are some of your closet staples?

A jean jacket, duster-length cardigan, little black dress and strappy sandals. Oh, and belts – lots and lots of belts!

Buffalo Exchange Employee Amy's Belts

What are you looking forward to wearing this summer?

The trending colors right now are amazing – I’m loving all the pastels and jewel tones! I’m especially looking forward to shorts, culottes and sundresses with a stylish sun hat.

Buffalo Exchange Employee Amy's Summer Style

What advice do you have for others looking to revamp their style?

Take a friend shopping with you – they may encourage you to go for something you’ve always wanted to wear but didn’t think you could pull off. Dress for yourself, not to impress. Be YOU. If you like it and it gives you joy, wear it.

Well, Amy sure said it! Whether you’re looking to discover your own personal style or just update your closet for summer, stop by your local Buffalo Exchange to shop for some new-to-you finds. We’re buying for summer and the best of all seasons, so don’t forget to bring in your cleanout. You could earn trade to put towards your warm-weather wardrobe!

3 thoughts on “Meet a Buffalo: Amy’s Personal Style Evolution

  1. This is my daughter and I’m extremely proud of her life accomplishments. The weight loss is only one of her many accomplishments. Way to go, Beanie!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story and experience. I love your adventurous fun fashion style. You hit it, right on the head. If you feel beautiful,it shines through you. You might take that extra moment to compliment someone else, or share a smile. Because your drawn to the world, because your a blooming flower, sharing you mark on the world. When you don’t feel good about your attire for the day, you tend to be more closed off. Waiting for the end of the day, to get out of that outfit. . Belts, scarfs, shoes, hats, accessories can make one outfit look like several outfits. Be adventurous, fun, wear what makes you feels like a million bucks, cause you’ll be worth a million bucks all day. I love your belts, I need the red circle one. Big belts are so fun. I enjoyed your story, thank you for sharing. I can see why your Mama is proud.

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