Wear What You Like: Profile of Alfred Banks

Buffalo Exchange Alfred Banks

By Jessica Pruitt, Buffalo Exchange HQ

We talk with New Orleans rapper Alfred Banks (aka @UnderDogCentral) about his River Kings 2 Tour of “The Beautiful” (happening now!), his music career and his take on personal style. Banks loves shopping at resale stores like Buffalo Exchange because it gives him the freedom to build his style from the ground up.

Buffalo Exchange Alfred Banks

What do you like about shopping resale and Buffalo Exchange in particular?

For me, the hunt of finding something so cool among the shelves of a resale store like Buffalo Exchange really excites me. Putting an outfit together from a complete blank canvas is awesome.

How did you get started shopping at Buffalo?

I’ve always lived close to Buffalo Exchange down here in NOLA, so one day in 2007, I just decided to walk in and see what you guys had. Ten years later, I still walk in all the time.

You’ve travelled all over the US. What’s your favorite Buffalo you’ve shopped at?

My favorite Buffalo has to be here in NOLA. The one in Austin is really cool, but nothing compares to my hometown.

What’s been your favorite Buffalo find recently?

Recently, I found a pair of High Top K-Swiss Midcourts and they are so dope. Awesome color way and super comfy.

Where do you get your style inspiration from?

I really just wear what I like. I take some inspiration from the hip hop fashion of 2008-2010 with how wild I can get sometimes. Other than that, it’s all about what I like.

You’ve mentioned starting your own clothing line before. What would that look like?

The line would be called “McArthur Rose”. The name is a combination of my oldest brother and my mother’s middle names. I’d love for it to be both modern and urban and include men’s and women’s wear. Some pieces would bright and monochromatic while others would be more laidback.

How did you get started doing music?

I started writing when I was six years old. Both my brothers Orlandas and James inspired me to really get into it. I’m so glad I made that decision.

How have you seen your music evolve since you started?

From a creative standpoint, I’ve grown up and I make better decisions. I’m excited to see where I go in the coming years.

Do you have any style or life advice for our readers?

Dress how you want to dress, live the way you want to live and have no regrets!

Buffalo Exchange Alfred Banks River2Kings Tour

We love Alfred Banks’ independent take on life, music and style! Now through April 18, catch Banks on tour with Marco Pavé as he travels across the Eastern seaboard. In the meantime, follow @UnderDogCentral for a behind-the-scenes look.