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Buffalo Exchange Houston customers Tina and Donell.

By Buffalo Exchange Houston (Rice Village)

Buffalo Exchange is a store that prides ourselves on diversity: diversity of staff, diversity of customers, and diversity of clothes.

Recently a documentary was released called “Advanced Style”. It is on Netflix if you’re interested; there is also a pretty awesome Instagram account and blog as well. Basically a quick run-down is there was a man in New York, running a blog, and on it he showcased amazing women over a certain age with amazing style. The documentary introduces us to some of these amazing ladies. Here in Rice Village, we feel we have some of our own amazing women over the age of 50 that give us some pretty Advanced Style. Meet two of our awesome customers below, that remind us daily that fashion is timeless.

Buffalo Exchange Houston customer, Donelle.

Name: Donell or as we call her “Miss Dee”
Age: 53
Occupation: Designer
Personal Style: Miss Dee says she has three personal styles that blend together.
1. Classic Basics
2. Southwestern
3. Individual pieces that are one of a kind
Best Find at Buffalo Exchange: Cowboy boots, boots and more boots. (She had just got the amazing boots pictured at TX2 and was rocking them immediately). She also has found awesome wool blazers and one of a kind vintage dress.
Something you should know about her: She “loves people, loves laughing, and loves her family, she also has two daughters”
Personal Advice: “Take in life every day!”

Buffalo Exchange Houston customer, Donell, faux leopard boots.

Buffalo Exchange Houston customer, Donell, accessories.

Buffalo Exchange Houston customer, Tina.

Name: Tina
Age: 52
Occupation: owner of “Cheeky Vintage” a local vintage clothing store. Her store was recently named one of the top 100 small boutiques in Houston by Houstonia Magazine.
Personal Style: Boho-Refined
Best Find at Buffalo Exchange: Sheer Nude Sheath Dress that was vintage and crystal encrusted and a legit 70s Halston Gown.
Something you probably don’t know about her: Tina “was a magician’s assistant for 4 years!”

Buffalo Exchange Houston customer, Tina, faux leopard coat

Buffalo Exchange Houston customer, Tina, boots.

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